It's amazing, but Heather fishes up a diamond ring. That was pretty literal for a dream!

Of course, there are perhaps other more symbolic diamonds out there for the finding. Heather decides to hock the ring..she's not so fond of diamonds really...but the man, she is keeping.

Heather does not miss an opportunity to grab Ulises' ass.

Heather can't go for too long without her own home cooking. She brought a huge cooler stuffed with turkey salad sandwiches & all kinds of goodies. They find a great spot right by the shore & picnic.

Heather could touch Ulises all day. She gives him a loving massage. Luz has told her she's a natural & should look into massage therapy as a career, but Heather could never really get into the whole 'job' thing. She just wants to tend her garden & sell it's fruits.

Yeah, well, the massage does have that effect on guys.