They go out to watch the sunset. Ulises lights a fire & Heather toasts the marshmallows. Heather's had a great day by keeping her fears at bay, but they will creep back. "This has been such a beautiful day, Heather," he says to her. "I know," she answers, & pops her toasted marshmallow in his mouth, 'please don't spoil it,' she thinks, though she's not sure what she meant by the thought. Was it directed at herself or him?

Heather brought her old acoustic just for this kind of thing. She's no great guitarist, but she can play some Joni Mitchell songs & sing a little.

At last, Heather gets to show off her lingerie. She is sooo in the mood, the champagne is hardly necessary.

This, not making sandcastles & singing by the fire, is what this trip was all about.

Having served its purpose, the new lingerie steps gracefully aside & lets Heather take over. She at last gets what she has been longing for, and then she gets it again later on the bed.

They requested an early wake up call so they could go fishing. Heather is sleepy & she must look awful, but Ulises calls her beautiful & kisses her passionately. She wishes they could get back in bed & just make love all day, but fishing is the plan....