Ulises calls her later that evening & after he babbled for awhile about the weather, he tells her he has a day off on Friday & he'd like to take her to Medieval Times Magic Castle Fun Park. Heather thinks that sounds like fun, it's a date!

He seemed to really be liking her, so when she ran into him the next day in Hollywood, she was surprized by his hands off attitude. He wouldn't even stop & chat, he was just 'I'll see you Friday, I gotta go'. Whatever....but Heather is really worried about her van & this might be the guy Serena promised he would come along to fix it, so she'll still see him on Friday, she decides.

Later, while she's checking out the latest swimwear in Santa Monica, Heather has another surprise meeting, this time with Frankie, a ski instructor she had a whirlwind affair with last winter. He's in L.A. for a few months visiting a cousin of his. Heather's really happy to run into him & offers to take him out to lunch.

Heather met Frankie in Colorado, while she was watching Coby in a snowboarding competition. Frankie works as a ski instructor to save money for law school, or so he says.

Heather doesn't care much about careers: she's never had a job. But, she thought it was so sweet & romantic of him to build a snowman with her