Heather has never in her life met anyone as efficient & take charge as Ulises: she no more than says "Santa Barbara" and he has them booked in a great bed & breakfast right on the beach. Heather's not the type pay attention to money & the conspicuous consumption of others, but because she now suspects he may be selling, she's begun to take note of the kind of money he's lavished on her in the short time she's known him. Whatever he's doing, he's clearly doing well for himself at it. It bothers her a little: she knows other sellers like her, very small time with a limited client base, just doing it to get by really. But there is that whole other gang & criminal thing out there....Heather can't imagine a man as kind as Ulises, who fixed her car & came over to babysit her child, could be involved in anything violent or hideous...could he?

There were things Heather hoped she had left behind when she & her mother moved to L.A. Safety is just an illusion, she realizes, Los Angeles & Bogota are not so different: no matter where you go, people disappear. Heather builds a tall turret on her sandcastle. Now, she thinks, I just need to find my diamond.

Serena was right about Heather's connection to the ocean. Just being this close to it & feeling the surf calms her & enables her to just not worry about it for awhile. Eventually, everything will come out they way it should...When she stops worrying about other girls & what Ulises is up to in Hollywood all the time, she is able to relax and regain the feeling of spiritual connection she has to Ulises that makes her believe that, whoever he is & whatever he may be up to, he is her soulmate.

Heather's dated surfers, slackers, musicians & anarchists....they all have their qualities, but only the surfers had really great bodies. Since she met Ulises she's been longing to press herself against his naked chest & get her hands on his muscled back.

After they get a drink & a bite to eat, they hit the dance floor. They dance well together, keeping in perfect rhythm with each other at all times.