Heather dreamed she stood atop a tall turret. Beneath her was the ocean & as she looked down she could see down to the floor of the ocean. She saw a diamond on the ocean floor & she dove off the turret into the water to get the diamond. She had asked for a dream to tell her where to go on her trip with Ulises...surely this dream was meant to be the answer. But what did it mean? Heather meditates throughout the morning, but she can't free her mind from her suspicion & doubt. She tries to find peace but the image of Ulises hugging that other girl pops up every time she gets close to clearing her mind completely. She can't do this herself: she needs help. She calls Serena & asks if she has time to see her today; Serena'a place is always busy, but she always has time for more. As Heather grabs her keys & heads for the door, the phone rings. It's Ulises & he wants to know where they're going. She tells him she's going to Serena's now to have her dream interpreted, she'll call him back this evening.

"You were right about my car, Serena," she says, "My boyfriend says it needs constant maintenance." "So he's your boyfriend, now?" Serena asks, smiling. "I guess," Heather answers with a blush, and she tells Serena about her fears, about seeing Ulises with the other girl, and about their upcoming trip & her dream. "That's quite a lot to ask at once," Serena laughs as she gestures for Heather to sit at the card table.

"First, about your dream & your trip. You have a deep spiritual connection to the ocean & your dream reflects that. You have an instinctual urge to bring your lover to the ocean & I suggest you go with that. The turret is a symbol for Santa Barbara, so perhaps that might be a nice place for you to holiday. The diamond....the diamond I think is what you will find there." "And the other girl?" Heather asks quietly, afraid to hear the answer. "Let's see what the cards have to say," Serena replies.

Heather shuffles the Tarot deck & hands them to Serena, who lays them out & tells Heather that the cards say that there is indeed some basic truths between Heather & her new man that have not been told. "The way the cards are grouped suggests that there is more than one secret here, that what each of you keeps hidden is a mirror image of what the other hides." Heather wonders what sercet she has been hiding from Ulises. She doesn't think she's hiding anything.

Serena takes her next to the crystal ball to see if she can see who the girl is that Ulises was hugging in the Rage Cage. "Is he cheating on me? Or is he cheating on her with me?" Heather asks. "Mmmm" Serena murmurs as she gazes into the ball, "I see your man, but this other girl you are worried about just isn't there. Whoever she is, she is not in his heart. That doesn't necessarily mean she isn't in his life, Heather, but she is not in his heart," Serena warns. Heather drives away from Serena very confused by it all. Well, the Santa Barbara part was pretty clear.

Heather stops at a pay phone & calls Luz & invites her to come out shopping. They get a smoothie at the spa & Heather tells her about seeing Ulises at the Rage Cage with the other girl. Luz assumes the worst immediately, which Heather doesn't think is fair. "I think he might be my soulmate," she confesses. Luz warns her to be careful.

Luz probably wasn't the best person to discuss Ulises with, she refuses to believe men are ever up to anything but no good, anyway. Heather tries not to take what her friend has to say to heart. Shopping for lingerie cheers her up, she wants to have something extrqa special for the trip. She can't wait until Ulises sees this!

Luz tells her about the trip to Palm Springs she just came from & how it helped her get over her hopelessly mismatched passion for Kelly. She tells Heather maybe her upcoming trip with Ulises will help her get over him too. Well, that isn't really the point, Heather thinks, I want to get it on.

Heather heads home wondering about everything Serena said. What is Ulises' secret if it's not about this other girl? And what is her own supposed secret? It dawns on her suddenly that of course, Ulises doesn't know about the marijuana bush in her back yard & that she sells pot as well as her vegetables & other items. That's technically a secret & potentially a very big deal. If that is her own secret, & Serena said his secret is a mirror image to hers, then that would mean.....he sells too? He seems so straight, Heather can't believe he actually deals...but what if it's all a front? It all suddenly makes so much sense, he says he's working but she finds him at the night club, where she, too, is 'working', and the other girl, 'not in his heart, but in his life', a regular client of his perhaps, and maybe something Heather wants to keep her eye on. His weird hours & days off, his caginess whenever she runs into him in Hollywood: it is all explained if he is selling. Heather wonders how she is going to ask him about this & tell him about herself....what if she's wrong?

When she gets home she calls Ulises & tells him her dream was about Santa Barbara.