After the weekly protest outside the Bechtel office, Heather gets a drink with Luz in Santa Monica. Heather tells her all about Ulises from the beginning, how he fixed her van & she thinks he's her soul mate, but he gets so weird sometimes, like he's hiding something.

Luz is involved in an equally confusing relationship with some girl she met a while ago. It's such a bummer dating is so complicated.

When she gets home she is suprized to find Ulises in her living room, playing her CDs. Heather is a little buzzed from drinking with Luz, so she really doesn't care why he's here, she's just glad to see him.

She's in the mood for some dancing. Except for the Frankie thing, Heather hasn't had a lot of romantic activity lately. A girl has needs, & Heather is feeling pretty needy as she wraps her arms around his muscles. She asks him if he's free tomorrow, but he has to work. So she invites him to Thanksgiving dinner the day after tomorrow. As she's wondering if she should invite him to stay tonight, he kisses her goodbye.

Heather spends the afternoon selling at the Farmer's Market & heads to Hollywood afterwards.As she heads towards the bar, she sees Ulises talking to another girl.

Heather remembers every time she's run into Ulises in Hollywood & he's seemed nervous or rushed. Is it because of this girl?

When the girl takes off, Heather confronts Ulises right away. She's not going through Thanksgiving tomorrow with this on her head! "I thought you were at work," she says to him. He says he just stopped here after work. "Well, who was that girl?" she demands.