Yes, that was some truly badass guitar.

Heather got a bit of a look at Ulises' ripped abs & cut pecs when he was in her hot tub. She'd like to get her hands on some of that & she starts pulling off his shirt. He pulls away, "We're out in public, Heather," he says. She laughs & says, "So what? Are you afraid the cops will come after us?"

He gets up now & says he has to go, he has to get up early. He kisses her goodbye passionately, but rushes off before she can say anything. What was that about? she wonders. What did she say thay freaked him out? One minute, she feels like she is in total tune with this man, and the the next minute, he'll do a 180 on her & she realizes she knows nothing about him at all.

When she gets home, Athena drops by: she's suffered a knee injury & needs something to help with the pain. After she takes off, Heather tries to meditate for awhile before going to bed, but questions about Ulises continue to plague her.