At breakfast, Amber tells Heather how much of a loser Frankie was. Heather sighs, remembering all that gorgeous long hair...but Amber is right, & Frankie is gone anyway. Today, she is meeting Ulises in Venice & that has been going really well so far.

Just as Heather is running out to meet Ulises in Venice, Coby's neighbor Xtina drops by looking for some creativity stimulating herbs.

Heather is really happy to see Ulises & greets him with a big kiss.

They both love surf guitar & it's Dick Dale afternoon Happy Hour at Jack's Tiki Shack.

This time, it is Ulises, not Heather, who brings up Heather's van. He hadn't worked on a car in years & it was great to get under a hood again. If Heather had any doubts left about him, they are gone now. Heather decides to tell him all the stuff she usually doesn't talk about, she tells him about being the daughter of international relief workers, about growing up in places like El Salvador & Guatemala. She tells him also about her father, who 'disappeared' while he was helping farmers in Colombia. After that, she & her mother moved to L.A. Heather's childhood was very different from what most American children experience & she had a very hard time adjusting to the culture when she moved here at age 12. She tells him all this in fluent Spanish, which she prefers when she is saying anything important. Then it is her turn to listen as he tells her (also, in Spanish) about how he witnessed the murder of his parents during a burglary. Though he lived in a large family of aunts, uncles & cousins, he always felt like an outsider. Heather feels a real connection with him, in sharing their tragic pasts.

Heather thinks he may be her soul mate. The sun is setting & they decide to go down to the beach & watch it.