Heather runs into Ulises at the pizza parlor. She wonders if he works in Hollywood...but they get caught up talking about her new cd that she forgets to ask what he does. (arcade games by Elegant Sim Fashions, Paladin's Place/Sim Wardrobe)

He gets all weird when she asks if he wants to go clubbing with her. This is the 2nd time she's run into him in Hollywood & he's wanted to get away from her....does he have a girlfriend or something here? She asks him if he's got another date & he says no & agrees to take her clubbing. (table & plant by Around the Sims)

Ulises has great moves: Heather loves a guy that can dance. She is not missing Frankie for a second tonight. (dance cage by Killer Sims)

And he's a really get kisser as well, she discovers.

Heather would love to bring him home, but he says goodnight as the club closes down. Heather's already looking forward to their date in Venice tomorrow.