Heather is putting together a succulent bowl for a customer when Ulises arrives. (besides her herbal supplements & vegetables, Heather also sells cactus & rock gardens & other craft items: Heather doesn't like to be pinned down to any one thing). Heather tells him her van is out back. He checks out her cacti for a minute & then heads out back to work on her vehicle.

He's all dirty when he's done, so Heather invites him into her hot tub to clean up. In the tub he tells her some bad news: he was able to fix her transmission, but it isn't a permanent fix. "Your car is shot," he tells her. "It is going to require constant maintenance if you're going to keep it." Heather nods: it is just what Serena told her. And she wonders, if she becomes Ulises' girlfriend, will he give her van constant maintenance?

Amber makes friends with Ulises while Heather makes dinner. Amber thinks most of Heather's dates, like Frankie, are total losers, but Ulises is different & she likes him.

Amber's too young to have learned not to look too desperate right away.

Ulises is suprized how good Heather's cooking is

As he's getting ready to go, Heather tells him she wants to go down to Venice & buy some new sunglasses...if he wants, he can get a raincheck on their beach date. Ulises has to work tomorrow, but he can go to the beach with her the day after. Heather says that sounds cool. (Why is he standing in her cacti? Doesn't that hurt?)

All right, we've moved up to the polite kiss! Heather wonders about Ulises: he'll spend all day fixing her car & he doesn't try anything, not even in the hot tub.....