The next day she gets a call from Frankie: he has to move back to Colorado tomorrow. She tells him it's a total bummer, but she can't see him one last time...she has to go to the Farmer's Market & sell her vegetables & preserves. But if he's ever back in L.A., he can give her a call.

At the market, Heather recognizes Jade from all the rock videos she's been in.

Jade has been worried lately about getting old. Her neighbor, the plastic surgeon, is always offering to 'do' her face, but Jade has heard that Heather has a special anti-aging herbal dietary supplement she'd like to try before going under the knife. Heather sells her a jar of that & some organic carrots & lettuce too. (Jade has been feeling a little 'pouchy' lately & is on a new 'Supermodel eat like a rabbit' diet)

After the market closes, Heather stops by Serena's for a tarot reading. Serena tells her her car problems will not be easily solved...it can be fixed in the short term, but it is time for Heather to start considering more reliable transportation. Heather is like, totally bummed. She loves her van.

When she gets home, Ulises calls her & tells her he'll drop by her place tomorrow & fix her car. Whatever Serena says, Heather wants her car fixed as soon as possible. She tells Ulises she'll make him dinner.

Just before she tucks in for the night, one of her step-brother Coby's neighbors drops by. Esme wants some of Heather's energizing herbal supplement. Heather is thrilled to be doing such good business with her herbs & vegetables. Because she'd rather not have to get a job, if she can avoid it.