Heather's been having one of those days where everything is going her way. She had been worrying about the sounds her old VW bus has been making, but at the New Age Center, Serena tells her that yes, there is something wrong with her transmission, but, not to worry, someone will come along to fix it for her. That's a big relief! (crystal ball by Cheap Frills)

She runs into her step-brother, Coby, in Hollywood. He tells her he just moved into a new apt, and his new building has a weight room & a swimming pool.

And he invites her to drop by & swim in the awesome indoor pool any time she wants!

Upstairs in the Rage Cage club, Amber's father, Ty, gives Heather some money for their daughter's school stuff.

After school, she took Amber to Venice Beach, and she met a guy who loves guitar solos as much as she does. He's totally buff & he looks like he has great mechanical skills, the kind of guy who can repair a transmission. She gave him her number. His name is Ulises.