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Residence: Venice Beach Apts.

Hayley: Born in Wichita, Kansas, Hayley is a phys ed. major at UCLA, and a member of the volleyball team.
Hayley's Relationships: Hayley fell for Coby as soon as he moved into the apt next door. But he treated her badly, so she's moved on. She's recently met the sexy European Rainier. He has his faults, but Hayley looks forward to their trip to Santa Cruz. Hayley's roommate is PJ, and her neighbors are Kyle, Coby & Tanner.
Why Hayley's story is 'unfinished: There came a point in the Xtina/Rainier relationship where I had to show Rainier was not being faithful to Xtina, without anyone else knowing about it. I remember choosing which was going to get to tell the story, Hayley or Rainier? It was a tough choice, both of them are difficult for me to 'voice'. Hayley was easiest & most fun. As I write this, the Rainier is dating both Xtina & Hayley, neither of them knows about the other. But I no longer need Hayley's perspective on it.
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1:True Dreams of Wichita
2: Nerd Warning
3: Mr. Woof-woof makes a friend
4: Grrl Game NEW
5: Psychedelic Purr NEW
6: Plans NEW

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