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Fountain View Apts: Lot 63. California style orange stucco apartment building with three one bedroom units. First floor has 2 units, one with 2 bathrooms, and one smaller unit with just one bathroom. Second floor features an extra large one bedroom/ 2 bath, with balcony.
This building is equipped with the Sim Logical Apartment system hacks, which makes the residents of each apartment stop trying to use the objects in the other Sims' units. The system consists of necessary Apartment tokens, which must be placed in each room & assigned an apt #, and a master controller, which you use to set the restrictions on the apts, and also toggles your apt tokens to visible/invisible. The controller is the hawthorn bush in the pic left. Then you choose from among the different objects hacked to work with the system: things like plumbing & appliances & fun objects like TVs & computers are 'attractive' to Sims, the apartment hacked versions of these items will only attract & be available to the Sims you have assigned to the apt token that is in the same room. The cat in Apt 3 is also assigned to the room token of his apt so he can get in the door.
Exterior: "Hollywood Missy" stucco wall & matching floor sets by Butter, Deviant Sim. Shown here: Butter's Mulholland wall & matching tile flr by the door on the balcony, (orange) and Butter's Sunset stone floor (yellow) by the pool & around the building. Sidewalk tiles, including tile with gum stuck to it, by Butter, part of the "Hooker Chic" set at DeviantSim_Cafe yahoo group. Brown exterior floor & orange tile at doors on first floor by Livin it up. Windows by Jendea Simtecture. Plants on balcony by Parsimonious, buttercups & clay fountains by Mhari, Livin it up. Short 'nouveau nites' lights by Laphelot Sims Solutions. Pool sunbathing mats by Beewitched. Trash & litter by Sim Gypsy. Discarded box is actually a pet bed by Around the Sims. "Phone booth" is just 3 tiles of wall made in a 'U' shape, with the plate glass windows, and with the black Maxis wall phone on the back wall. "Diamond" tile wallpaper by Butter, Deviant Sim.
First Floor. Entrance. Apt 1 has a green & brown color theme. (All apartments have green bathrooms & 'Sunflower' theme kitchens with caramel colored tile floors.) Apt 2 has a purple & blue color theme. The entry way has unhacked doors, anyone can enter, but the individual apartment doors are apartment hacked Sim Logical Apt. system doors that only residents can enter.

Second Floor: One extra large unit with 2 bathrooms & balcony. Apartment 3. with a yellow/peachy color theme.
Apt 1: Quentin. Quentin just moved in. All Apt bathrooms are Apartment System hacked items by Madoria's World: the Parade Apt bath set with the Yellow Kitchen counter, with toothbrush sets by Around the Sims. Green mirror/candles in bathroom at The Sims Resource. The Sunflower kitchen counters are by Candace's Sim Bazaar, the appliances are apartment hacked by Sim Logical. The kitchen tables in all apts. are apartment hacks by Topaz's Sim Stop. Kitchen sunflower tile walls are by Northern Kat, Livin it up. Bathroom walls & livingroom & bedroom walls in all apts are by Glitterpixie Sim Decor yahoo group, the textured wall & floor set. Bedroom floors are also by Glitterpixie Sim Decor yahoo group kitchen, living room & bathroom floors are by Butter, Deviant Sim: the kitchen is 'Stately Tile', the bathroom is Child's Suite in green & the living room is part of the Zen seasons collection available on DeviantSim_Cafe yahoo group.
Bed by Sim Freaks, "Select-a-style" dresser & matching end table next to TV by Cravze, Livin it up. Living room chairs, lighting & office set by Around the Sims, rugs by Juniper Sun. Wall hangings by Parsimonious. Green kitchen chairs by Deviant Sim. Night table by bed part of STP Carly's 'funky futon' set at The Sims Resource. Green vase by Beewitched.
"Select-a-style" paintings, shown in 'sunset' are by Cravze of Livin it up & are part of a donation set (used in Apt 2 here, LOL). You can have your Sim choose to change the image on the paintings: when you buy them, they are large cats like leopards & lions, but I had Quentin select 'Sunset'.

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