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Residence: Marina del Rey (formerly, Echo Park)

Get the fully furnished verson of Justin & Eleanor's house in Marina del Rey at Deviant Sim, in the Adult Real Estate section (sims 1)

Unfurnished version of Justin's & Eleanor's home avalaible at calisims yahoo group.

Eleanor: Eleanor was born to wealth & privilege, the daughter of a Pulitzer prize winning poet & the Nobel prize winning physicist. Against her parents' wishes, she chose to go to an L.A. art school (Otis Parsons School of Design) rather than to their own Harvard. But her parents reluctantly supported her decsion until her mother discovered that Eleanor had taken up with her 'low class' neighbor, Justin.
Eleanor's Relationships: Eleanor is a girl with strange tastes & inclinations. She decided early on that 'normal' relationships weren't for her & has stated many times she intended to remain a virgin all her life. Her most important relationship was being carried on via internet, with stranger in a chat room who called himself 'Stalker'. From the time she moved into the guest cottage of the Echo Park property, her neighbor Justin has openly pursued her, despite her repeated insistence that she would never date, never have sex, never get involved with all that. But something happened at one of their parties that would change her mind about Justin, and they have been a peculiar but happy couple ever since. Eleanor's best friend is Xtina, her former classmate. Her roommate is Kira & her neighbors are Justin, Gavin, Zach & Diego. She is currently employed by Mercedes Arthag.
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1: Virgin Goddess
2: Stalker
3: Bound & Gagged
4: White gown
5: Grimalkin
6: Tyger
7: The Test
8: Life Drawing
9: Dulce et Decorum est....
10: Zach's request
11: Indian Dinner
12: Interview
13: Skin
14: Ready or Not
15: Intern
16: Bad News
17: Dirty Secret
18: Rather Starve
19: Small Confession
20: Psychedelic Purr
21: Arrival
22: Icicles
23: Family Genes
24: Tanked
25: Parent Material
26: Matchmaker
27: Matchmaker, 2
28: Dos Coronas
29: Argument
30: Independence
31: Love
32: Magazine
33: Scarlet
34: Like Old Times
35: Charity Ball
36: Special Night
37: Master & Servant
38: All work, no play
39: Skirt
40: Dress up
41: Intimacy
42: Ugly Suit
43: Corrine
44: Last Night
45: Privacy
46: Lies
47: Panic
48: Fighter
49: Nerve
50: The Collared
51: Art
52: Pedestal
53: Payback
54: Paris
55: Ennui NEW

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