Eleanor & Justin spend most of the party on their own, but shortly after the sun sets some blonde girl interrupts them to tell Justin how ripped his muscles are & ask where he works out. She even touches him!

Justin shrugs off her hands, and says he works out at home. The girl tells Justin where the gym she works at is."I'd like to take you on a tour around the place, you stop by & ask for me, Dulce," she says with an insipid smile. Eleanor has always hated girls like Dulce, giggling & girly, with chirpy voices & sunny attitudes.

Eleanor grabs Dulce's hair. "Back off," she growls as she slaps her face.

"Oh my God, you hit me!" Dulce cries, and gives Justin one last look. "Don't bring your dog to the next party," she sneers as she walks off.

"You were magnificent, Eleanor," Justin murmurs, sweeping over her & pulling her down into a deep kiss, "Getting to see you smack that bitch made coming out to this party worthwhile," he growls in her ear, "I didn't think you had it in you." Eleanor laughs nervously, used to being reprimanded for her violent outbursts, "I nearly got expelled from high school a few times for starting fights," she tells him, remembering the meetings in the Headmaster's office, how her parents would use their prestige to keep her in the school.

"Really, Princess?" Justins asks, eyebrows raised, smiling affectionately as he puts his arm around her. "You're the most amazing person I've ever met, Eleanor, and I love you," he says, nuzzling her neck. Eleanor sighs as she rests her head on his shoulder. "What do you mean by that, Justin?" she asks him, "What is love to you?" Justin takes hold of her hand & holds it against his chest. "Eleanor, before you came into my life, my heart was dark & empty. I didn't even feel human half the time. Just knowing you has been like a light coming on inside me, Eleanor. Holding you is like being bathed in the sun...I'm not much for words, Princess, I just love you." He waits then and Eleanor knows what she's supposed to say. "But what is love?" she says, thinking aloud, "I just don't understand it..."

Xtina finally is finished with whatever brought her here,dragging Eleanor in tow, and says she's tired and wants to go home now. Justin lifts Eleanor up and carries her to the car, Xtina following behind looking forlorn.