Getting Justin to pose for her was easier than she had expected. He laughed when she asked him. "I used to do some modeling at your school, Princess. Other schools, too. But the pay isn't worth having to hear, 'you haven't drawn the buttocks roundly enough, look closely at his buttocks, see how they curve, notice the fullness' while you're standing buck naked in front of a bunch of gawky kids," he said, and doing a dead on imitation of her drawing professor. She had often wondered how the models felt about that kind of frank discussion of their bodies right in front of them, as though they were some apple in a still life.

He said he hadn't done it in years, but he is clearly a natural, able to strike and hold a pose, standing perfectly still, muscles taut. How lucky the students were who had him modeling for their life-drawing classes, she thinks. And she's got him all to herself...

(Life Drawing 101: Justin is using the Enforceable posing point from Sim Logical to strike poses for Eleanor. The posing point does not make your Sim nude, they wear whatever they are wearing when you make them pose. I used the clothing change plant from Sim Logical to get Justin nude. I also use a patch for the censor blur Maxis has on nude Sims, and a custom default nude from Openlea to appear more natural. )

Justin insists on cooking, even though they are at her place. Which is just as well, Eleanor is a horrible cook: normal people have a hard time stomaching her meals, Justin surely couldn't handle it. While he is making lunch, her phone rings. Xtina wants her to take her to a party in Venice. Then the whole story comes out, Xtina broke up with the surfer to take up with the new neighbor. The surfer promptly moved to Venice, and he's having a party there. "Xtina, I'm in the middle of finals, I don't need to be out partying, especially with people I don't know." Eleanor sighs. Xtina pleads, she wants to go, but not alone. "I'm not going without Justin," Eleanor says, already knowing how this party is going be: Xtina will latch herself onto her ex-boyfriend leaving Eleanor to fend for herself. "Fine, bring Justin, but, please Eleanor you have to come!"

"We have to go to this party in Venice with Xtina," she tells Justin. "Don't you have exams, Eleanor?" he asks, and she erupts into a chiming, nervous laugh. "You sound just like my father, Justin," she says, her voice quavering slightly. When he has her tied & gagged, she has no fear, but the suddenly paternal tone in his voice makes her quake. He smiles, and leans close to growl in her ear, all paternal nuances gone now, "No spanking unless you get good grades, Princess." He has this way of making her spine melt. Eleanor has read about this feeling in novels, described in so many ways, but nothing she'd read ever quite captured it. "But we have to go, I promised Xtina," she sighs, wishing she hadn't.

It's a dull party, Eleanor doesn't know any of these people. And Xtina does as she expected, taking off on her right away. There are better things she & Justin could be putting their time too, but she makes the best of it.

Eleanor doesn't notice exactly when Xtina & her surfer disappear from the party. That, too, is typical Xtina: Eleanor has never known her to not sleep with her exes at least once after break up.