Justin has lived in L.A. longer than Eleanor: she's surprized he's never been to Psyche Delia's to try the bubbles. He laughs at the idea, "But if it's what you want to do, Princess," he says, "I'm game." He's always game to do whatever she wants: Eleanor wonders if there is anything he wouldn't do if she asked, and how long it would take for her to find out.

Eleanor gets an idea while they're having a drink at the Rage Cage: Justin never eats anyting he didn't prepare himself. Can she get him to eat at the restaurant here? "Justin, I'm hungry," she says. "Okay, let's go home, I'll cook," he says immediately. She shakes her head & smiles. "I want to eat here, I love their 'Anarchy in the BLT'. Please, Justin," she says. He gives in, looking a little pained & sick. "Anything you want, Princess," he says.

Even after they've been seated, she still has to convince him to get something for himself: he'd rather wait until they get home. She gets him to order a salad at least, but he can barely stand to touch it. He eats so slowly that his is still barely touched while she is already finished with hers, every bite clearly torture for him. And not the good kind. "Justin, you don't have to finish that," she says softly, feeling very sorry for putting him through that, just to see if she could make him do it. "Thanks," he answers, breathing a sigh of relief. "I'm so sorry, Justin," she apologizes, "I didn't know it was that hard for you, I just wanted to see if you'd do it for me."

"You were testing my devotion, Princess?" he asks, his eyebrows raised in surprise. Eleanor bows her head in shame, she would probably say she was testing her power over him rather than his devotion, but it amounts to much the same, and it wasn't a nice thing to do. "Can you forgive me?" she asks meekly. Justin leans in close to her, and takes her hand. "If it gives you pleasure to torture me from time to time, Eleanor," he says softly, his lips close to her ear, "I'm your man." Eleanor feels small beads of sweat form on her forehead, beneath her breasts. Nothing on this earth makes her feel the way this man does.

Eleanor strikes first taking him by surprize, throwing herself down on him lustfully, very un-virginlike, pressing her breasts down hard against his chest, lips and teeth tangled together, until she tastes blood in her mouth. She pulls her head up, he licks his lip where she bit it. Eleanor leans down & kisses him, tasting his blood again. Without a word they get up & leave, arm in arm, to his car.