It's too bad they will have to wait a few days before than can do whatever he's planning in that dress, but Eleanor is not about to question his judgement. She does ache, all over, from last nights games. And she can't help but wonder about these clubs, these people who pay him to do to them what he did to her.

Eleanor used to think peole who kiss in public were disgusting. Now, she'll do anything he wants, in public or private...it's the way he calls her 'Princess', it's such a stupid name & yet, coming from him, she likes it even better than her proper name. She thinks, she'll have to ask Xtina if this is what it's like to be in love, when you find yourself wanting to do things, be things, that once you reviled. Maybe that is what attracted her to that Valley boy surfer she brought to last night's party, she speculates.

After their afternoon shopping, Justin has to go to work. Besides his 'secret' job, he also works as bouncer at a Hollywood nightclub, so he works until the clubs close. But before he leaves he gets Eleanor to promise to come over as soon as he gets home. "I want to sleep with you, I want to wake up with you," he says. Eleanor is a night owl like the rest of them & she has no trouble staying up waiting for him. While he's gone, she finds she misses him, and while she does visit her favorite chat rooms, they are not the same now. 'Stalker' isn't there, and she has no desire now to share her fantasies with anyone but him. When she sees the kitchen lights are on in the front house, she rushes right over. The kitchen door is open, so she walks on in to find Justin & Diego having some late dinner. "Are you hungry, Eleanor?" Justin asks, And Diego chortles, "Dude, I think she's horny, not hungry." It's not very funny, but Eleanor doesn't expect much else from Diego. Justin, however, explodes with rage. "Don't you EVER talk to her like that!" he shouts. Diego kind of shrugs him off, which just outrages Justin further. He's out of his seat & pulling Diego up by the collar before anyone can stop him. "I swear, Diego, I will knock out your teeth if you ever speak to her like that again..." he growls, his eyes gleaming with rage. Eleanor steps in at this point, putting herself between them before it goes further. "Justin, stop," she says, looking him in the eyes, putting her hands on his arms. The rage seems to drain from his face: he turns a pale white. "I'm sorry, Eleanor," he breathes. Eleanor can hear Diego about to comment, and she raises a hand to silence him. "Don't even, Diego," she says, and she takes Justin's hand & leads him into his bedroom

"Calm down, Justin, it's just Diego, he's always like that, you should know that by now," Eleanor says gently, caressing his back. She can feel his racing heartbeat, hear his shallow breathing. "Don't let him get to you." Even as she is coaxing him out of his rage, Eleanor feels a stab of guilt, because she is turned on by the thought of Justin punching Diego in the face, taking out his teeth, as he threatened, she gets a thrill from seeing his eyes light up with rage, witnessing him use the strength he normally hides beneath his mild-mannered persona. "I'm sorry, Eleanor," Justin apologizes again, "I just couldn't listen to him speak to you that way..." "You don't have to defend me, Justin, especially not from Diego. And it isn't good to fight with your housemates, especially over me," she answers. Justin's eyes close as he takes a few deep breaths, and he apologizes yet again. "It's all right, Justin, you don't have to apologize to me," she says. And seeing that she's calmed him, she can't help but ask, "Have you ever punched out someone's teeth, Justin?" He looks at her for a moment, and then chuckles as he caresses her cheek. "It turns you on doesn't it, Princess? You'd like to watch me hit someone....," Eleanor blushes, because he hit the nail on the head. "Have you?" she asks again. "I've worked as bouncer for a few years, Eleanor. I've had to knock a few heads...but I don't remember too many details..."

Eleanor is fully aroused now. "Tell me about what you do," she asks him, as she unbuttons his shirt, "Tell me what it's like." He tells her he only does whipping & beatings, "Because I don't like to be touched," he says. She's stroking his arms & chest as he says this. He has a physique like the classical marble statues at the Getty museum, beautiful smooth skin, hard muscles..when the guards aren't looking Eleanor often caresses them, their cold stone beauty. But Justin's skin, while smooth like marble, is warm to her touch. She unbuttons his pants, strips him naked before her so she can look at him, touch him. "But you like it when I touch you...," she says to him, raising he eyebrow. "Mmmm, yes I do," he purrs. "Why?" she asks, stroking his muscular legs. "I...don't know, Eleanor. I just do...from the first time I saw you, I wanted you to touch me. But just you," he says. He's very strange, very intriguing, and he reminds her of someone from her past. "Grimalkin," she says, remembering the feral cat that used to come around her parent's house when she was a child. "Hmmm?" Justin asks, and she tells him about Grimalkin, how he would hiss & scratch at anyone who came near him. Except her: he used to roll over & show her his belly for petting whenever she approached him. And he used to bring her his little kills, the mice & birds he'd caught. But only her. And she pets Justin's stomach, his lean, hard stomach, as she tells him this. "You have the same color green eyes as Grimalkin had, and you stare at me the same way he did....," She plays with his hair & she scratches him behind the ear. "My pussycat," she murmurs. "Mmmm," Justin purrs.