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Eleanor works late most days, though Mercedes isn't there to make her stay, the bitch is hardly ever in her office at all. She's not doing it for Mercedes though, it's become her baby now, and it's her ticket forward. She comes home late & Justin is there..Kira is not: when her roommate has a photo shoot to assist for, she can work very late sometimes. They have the place to themselves, at least for now...Justin hands grip her buttocks tightly, she wraps her legs around him, draws him in, pulls him hard against her. "You wouldn't leave me, Elle, if you had to leave here, would you? I'd go anywhere for you...," he whispers, his voice hoarse and trembling. Something got to him today, he's uneasy: Eleanor smiles and strokes his hair, his face, "I know that, Justin...when I get my money we're going to travel extensively, I expect you to be with me wherever I go," she laughs. How could he think she'd leave him behind if she wanted to go somewhere? But she hasn't coaxed a smile from him yet, his beautiful green eyes reflect a haunted fear: she has no doubt in him at all, that he is hers, he has always made that clear, even though she rejected outright time & again, but Justin needs reassurance."I'd never go anywhere without you, Justin. I'm not as expressive as you are about how I feel, but you are more important to me than anything or anyone else," she tells him, promising not to abandon him, "We're very alike, we're both solitary by nature, but I think we are better at being ourselves together than we were when we were alone."

He sighs, deeply, and kisses her, his strong grip on her softening into tender caresses. Privacy like this is a rare opportunity: he bites her neck and reaches a hand underneath her suit and she whispers to him that she wants to make love. "Let's go to my room," he says, tongue working gently over her ear. It's a rational idea, his room is just across the yard, but he's pressed up so close against her, she can't imagine breaking out of this embrace, even for a moment. She must have him, now...

She used to sit at this desk & read the powerful soul poetry of a man who called himself 'Stalker', his words would make her body buzz with thrilling zaps. He still gives her beautiful words, spoken in his low purr, accented with his touch, emphasized by his deep green eyes, words she cherishes & still records in her little book. It's so much more than words now, and what Eleanor cannot always find the words to say, she expresses with her body, touching him deeply, allowing herself to simply be at one with him, completely open.

Eleanor can feel Kira's anger as she comes in on them: though her roommate just missed them making love, there is sex in the air.

Kira has been getting increasingly annoyed with Justin's being here all the time. It's just as bad at his house, they only have his bedroom to themselves, in the rest of the house they have to deal with Diego's sarcasm and a general lack of privacy. "Get your own place already," Kira suggests harshly.

Justin defuses the situation by cooking dinner, the mood lightens and all is well for the rest of the evening. He hasn't spoken again about living together & Eleanor knows he is just waiting for her to say she's ready. But it can't just be 'living together', Eleanor shudders at the crude sounding phrase, nor is she looking for some traditional marriage. He never talks about his work, what services he performs and for whom, that and his past are the only subjects that make him go quiet if she brings them up, a firm, persistent silence that she has given up trying to break. She doesn't know how much money he makes at it either, but she does know that now that she has decided he is hers for life, she wants it exclusively to herself. Before she can ask for that, she'll need to prove herself capable of supporting him.


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