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Eleanor would rather work for Corrine than for Mercedes, and is wondering how to approach making that happen. Justin is waiting for her in the kitchen as Corrine drives off, and Eleanor feels a tug of guilt: Mercedes gave her a job when she needed it, out of empathy over her situation with Justin, and she was nice enough to let her bring him on this weekend job. How could she go behind her back & try to work with her friend?

This is their last night in this house. Whoever buys it, it isn't likely Eleanor will ever be here again. Justin wraps himself around her as she kisses him: neither of them will forget this trip.

She'll miss the privacy greatly when they return to their homes in Echo Park: she's never felt free to do this, come up behind him while he's preparing food, slide her hand gently over his ribs towards his chest.

She presses her lips to his ears & nips at him with her teeth. She's going to make the most of every opportunity this house presents on their last evening here.

After dinner they watch the stars come out in silence, and they kiss in the quiet moonlight.

Hand in hand, they walk out by the shore of the lake. "Eleanor," he murmurs her name, and gazes into her eyes, "If everything I've gone through was what put me on the path to you, if my whole life was about having these two days with you here, then it will all have been worth it."

Eleanor has no idea how to respond, and no idea what he has gone through in his life to make real sense of the statement. He gives her no time for response anyway, kissing her deeply.

They are absolutely alone out here, no one will see them if they made love right here, Eleanor thinks, and starts working on getting Justin's clothes off. He play wrestles with her, so she tackles him to the ground and gets astride him like a conquering hero. She knows he lets her win, their games are fluid & the roles can change in seconds. Wherever one leads, the other follows, until they switch positions, and change course. The games are the spice of their relationship, the games brought them together, but there's something beneath the games, beyond them, something that tells her she will be with this man for a very long time. "I love you, Justin," she says, and maybe it is trite, but he does so need to be told he's loved, and reassured of it.

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Director's Commentary: The "Lake Tahoe" scenes, both the house & the 'town' scenes were shot in "Neighborhood 2" which is a neighborhood I use for lot building & testing objects. (California Simmin' neighborhood is Neighborhood 3 in my current installation). The house is my Lake Tahoe house from Livin-it-up, and the DT lot I used is my "Apponaug 4 Corners" lot, also from Livin-it-up. The DT lot I used exactly as it is on Livin-it-up, but I made some changes to the residential lot: I replaced Maxis counters & the double bed with the hacked "Love" versions available at M&M Needful Things, and I added the grass "Love Rug" to the lake shore area. To do that I had to move some plants & trees around. The counters have a variety of interactions for your Sims: they all result in an adult activity, but in some scenes I show just the initial animation, like when Eleanor embraces Justin while he's chopping vegetables. The counters also allow 'sit', when one Sim is sitting on the counter, another can come & 'make out' which results in adult activity. In some scenes I just have Eleanor 'sit' & never complete the activity. I just cancelled 'sit' out of her queue when I was done with the scene. And of course I do show a full 'love' scene on the counter as well. Also, Justin's Red Mustang in the garage is by Cravze at Livin-it-up. I was also using a new hack by Gnohmon at Livin-it-up, called 'yakyak': it is a recolor of a MM table, and in any room you place it in, the Sims will get talk bubbles over their heads & gain social & relationship points. So all scenes where Sims seem to be engaging in conversation while doing things they cannot normally talk while doing, like Justin cooking & talking, the yakyak is making it happen. Sims will discuss all topics, not just their interests, including children's topics, and they always have positive opinions.
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