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They still need to buy food, so they get dressed & head into to town to find a place to shop. Justin convinces her to put the skirt back on, promising her that she looks fine. "You're adorable, Princess," he assured her, and she trusts his opinion on this far more than Xtina's.

Eleanor doesn't understand food at all, how flour & eggs becomes bread, how meals are put together. The kitchen was the realm of the house staff, Eleanor certainly never ventured into it, and to her food was someting that just appeared ready made at appointed times. Justin's talent for cooking might as well be sorcery: she watches him buying things, fascinated by the ingredients, unable to imagine what mysterious concoctions he'll brew. She does know it's delicious every time: he never misses.

The little tourist shopping center is still open, so while they are here, they decide to poke around for awhile before heading back to the house. Justin makes straight for the dress shop: Eleanor senses more skirts in her future.

He has a thing for gowns, and though he's never said it directly, Eleanor has figured out that he has a strong preference for reds. As she twirls & poses for Justin, she notices a stranger, watching her, and it gives her a secret thrill, knowing how Justin would snarl & growl if he were to turn his eyes from her & see the gaze of this stranger, sharing in his private show. She doesn't let her eyes more than rest momentarily on the stanger: her blood calls to provoke Justin to violence, her inner demon howls at her, but her intelligence wins the day, she fixes her eyes on Justin and he is never made aware of the stranger, who is allowed to move on unmolested.

She looks at herself in the mrrors & it's like she's someone else, an upgraded version of herself. She always feels out of place dressed like this, like these pretty things were meant for other girls, like a crow trying on swan's feathers. But there are times now where she can see herself through Justin's eyes, where she can look in the mirror & recognize herself. "That's your dress," Justin always says when he's found one he likes on her, and right now she knows exactly what he means.

"I don't have anywhere to wear that," Eleanor protests as Justin brings the expensive gown to the register. His green eyes light up with a devilish glow, and he puts his arms around her, nuzzling her neck as he whispers throatily "If you wear it just sitting on my lap, I promise, it will be worth it." Eleanor shivers & acquiesces.


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