After breakfast, Justin gestures for Eleanor to follow him back to his room. She goes along, but when they get inside, and Justin pulls in her in for a kiss, Eleanor tells him she's just too sore right now to 'play' with him. Maybe she'll be up to it in a few hours... "A few hours, Princess?" he purrs softly, caressing her cheek, "You can't put your body through that kind of stress everyday. You'll need at least a few days to recover...and since you are still new at this, I'd prefer giving it a week In the meantime, Eleanor, we should talk, don't you think?" Eleanor feels like she dropped into a rabbit hole & entered Wonderland. The Justin she thought she knew has turned out to be someone else entirely....and as for 'Stalker', Eleanor is having a hard time accepting that the author of those shared fantasies is also capable of such gentleness.

Justin sits her down on his hard leather love seat (she gets a thrill just looking at it, remembering last night) and wraps his arms around her. Eleanor had always considered herself above this sort of 'normal' cuddling, but having gotten at last what she truly wanted from him the night before, she is suprised to find herself happy in his arms, just sitting. "Justin, how long have you been...I mean..?" she tries to find the words. "I started going to S&M clubs & fetish parties since I got my first fake ID in high school, when I was about 17," he answers, not needing to wait for her to find a way to ask it. "I didn't go 'professional' until a few years ago...but, Eleanor, you cannot ever tell the guys that.." Eleanor wouldn't tell 'the guys' anything about Justin, but, "What do you mean, 'professional'?" His voice was already pretty quiet, but he drops it even lower as he explains, "Some people will pay a lot of money to have someone like me whip them. I work for a Mistress in Silver Lake who owns an S&M club for that...I hope that doesn't..upset you?" Upset isn't the word so much...Eleanor is not completely ignorant, though her intelligence is all based on what she's read, having never dared to go into one of these places herself. She's actually kind of excited by it, the thought that her lover is actually a master of his trade, not just a dilletante like herself. "Justin, if you have all those people & those clubs, what do you need me for?" she has to ask.

He turns her face up to his & kisses her, deeply, passionately, no biting. "Princess, I need you for love. I haven't pursued you for over a year now just so I can spank you every few days, though of course, I will. From the moment I saw you, Eleanor, I've wanted to hold you..and kiss you. I've never let anyone kiss me before, but with you, it's all I think about. I've never actually had a 'girlfriend', Princess. Or a boyfriend, either, for that matter, no matter what Diego says about me. I want to have you in my arms at night, I want to wake up with you, I want to go places with you & hold your hand...," He looks deeply into her eyes, holding her hands as he speaks, "Eleanor, I'd always assumed your rejection of me was based on your not really knowing about me...now that you know, Princess, do you like me at all? Will you 'go out' with me? Or are you just in it for the games?" Everything is so strange now: last night, she was at his mercy, submissive, and this morning the power is in her hands. And he wants from her something she'd thought she'd held herself above, asking her to be his 'girlfriend' like they were in high school. "I'm so confused, Justin," she admits, leaning her head on his shoulder, stroking his hand, his beautiful, strong hand, capable of such punishment, and yet, so gentle now. On a whim, she reaches underneath his shirt, feeling his hard muscled chest, and as she pulls on his nipple ring, making him bite his lip as he draws in a sharp breath, he squeezes her shoulder & kisses her hair. "You aren't going to find anyone more suited to you than I am, Princess..I've met a lot of people into what we're into, and I've never met anyone like you," he says to her. Eleanor doesn't have to think about it too long: she's always liked Justin, as much as she knew of him, she just didn't think she wanted what he wanted. And of all the people she'd ever met in the chat rooms, he, 'Stalker', was the only one she ever wanted to meet in real life..."I'll be your girl, Justin," she says, not sure what the position will entail, but eager to find out.

"Let's go shopping," Justin says. "Shopping?" Eleaor asks, taken by suprise. "I want to buy you a dress," he says. "I don't really wear dresses," Eleanor answers. Justin flashes a very wicked smile at her, "You'll only be wearing it once. We'll pretty much destroy it by the time we're done," he says, a low growl in her ear. She doesn't know exactly what that means, but it turns her on, nonetheless, and she is more than willing to go shopping for a dress, now.

Justin picks out a gown, virginal white with red piping, with a corset style top & cut out on the lower part of her back. "Pure & nasty, just like you, Princess," he murmurs in her ear as he sends her into the dressing room, giving her ass a quick, sharp tap before she disappears behind the curtain, not enough to really hurt, just enough to make her long for more. It's not the kind of thing she'd ever wear, but from what he's suggested, she's not going any further than his bedroom in it. And the thought of what he might do to 'destroy' it makes her feel very, very sexy.

She feels sexier than she ever has in her life, and it isn't really the dress making her feel that way.