"Get in bed," she commands him & he obeys immediately. Eleanor feels a moment of fear as she approaches the bed, a moment of self doubt: she always said she'd never do this, never give herself to a man...

She looks at Justin stretched out, waiting for her, and she wants him like nothing she's wanted in her life. She won't be so much giving herself to him as taking him, she thinks, as she climbs into the bed.

Since she decided she wanted to do this, she's fantasized about it repeatedly, how it would feel...but there is so much more than feeling, all of her senses are alight, looking at him, so beautiful beneath her, hearing him murmur her name, make sounds she's never heard before, sounds she wants to hear over & over. She watches his body, moving with her, beneath her, always so graceful, whatever he does, a living work of art, and their eyes meet, as she lifts her gaze to his face, and lock together, he's inside her body & soul. She thought she finally understood love, but she's learning she still has a lot to learn.

Eleanor can't remember the last time she was in a jacuzzi. The hot bubbling water caresses her hard worked muscles, and Justin caresses her arm. She closes her eyes as she rest her head back for a moment, and she can feel his green eyes watching her, hungry, always hungry. She basks for a moment in his adoration, then opens her eyes, and smiles when sees him, looking at her.

She pulls him against her chest & cradles him in her arms, whispers to him the many little things she loves about him, as she touches him, running her hands along his body. She's seen how some women look at him, even Mercedes, and gets a thrill from knowing he lets no one touch him but herself, he's something no other woman can have.