Eleanor barely gets out her introduction, before Justin has turned to her with his adoring green eyes. Mercedes glares at her visibly angry, though she has no idea why: Mercedes knew she was bringing a date to the party, and the auction was a major success.

Mercedes had her au pair do the catering for this event, through some strange arrangement with the hotel, and has her attention momentarily distracted while she talks with her. But Mercedes can't pull her attention away from herself & Justin, even while talking to someone else.

Finally, Justin gives Mercedes a brutally vicious glare, challenging her. Eleanor is sure she'll be fired, right there, until she sees Mercedes smile a little before she walks away. She must be incredibly drunk, Eleanor thinks, to flirt so openly with her employee's boyfriend, right after meeting him for the first time. Hopefully she won't even remember the encounter at all...

Now that she's got him to herself, Eleanor thinks it's time to tell Justin about the room. She pulls him in close to her, and whispers to him that she loves him, watches him smile as she says it, and she shivers a little, feeling the new tingling of desire that has awakened in her. She presses her lips as close to her ear as she can, and whispers as quietly as possible, telling him her most private & secret desire.

Eleanor didn't just get a room, she bought the sexiest lingerie she could find, in an online shopping trip she didn't invite Justin along on. It looked so gorgeous on the model, but Eleanor always feels foolish in anything but the plainest clothes & has to steel herself to show it Justin. He never thinks she looks foolish, and always tells her she's beautifiul.

His hands tremble a little, grasping her hair, as he kisses her. "Are you nervous?" she asks him, and his 'yes' is whispered hoarsely in her ear. She's used to him being in charge, even when he's doing something she's asked him to do, he's never lost his self-mastery. But he's dropped the reins tonight, and Eleanor, growing more confident in herself since she's actually started doing real work like putting together a magazine & managing an art auction, picks them up & takes control herself. "Take off your clothes," she says, using a commanding tone she's never tried before.

Justin immediately complies & undresses for her. Eleanor enjoys the rush of power, the thrill of it building onto her mounting excitement: she hasn't felt like this since that first night he tied her up.

She kisses him fiercely, pulling his hair & biting his lips.