Eleanor hates shopping, she always has, but Justin loves it. As she told him she she needed to buy a gown for her bosses' charity ball, his eyes lit up with joy, and he set aside a whole day just to shop with her. He takes his time selecting dresses, running his hands slowly over the fabric, commenting on the colors & textures. "I think you should wear red," he says, "Scarlet," and he hands her a dress to try. She always feels a bit ridiculous coming out of a dressing booth in a formal gown, but Justin gives her a hungry stare that sends shivers down her spine & makes her feel wonderful. Justin looks at her & smiles, "The color is perfect for you, Princess, but that's not the right dress," he says, and finds another.

"I can't go out dressed like this," she says as she comes out in the next dress, "This lace is too sheer." Justin grins mischievously, "You can't go out like that, but you want me to take you to a fetish ball?" he asks under his breath, laughing. Eleanor blushes, embarrassed at herself.

"I feel so exposed," she sighs, turning so she can see the lace not quite covering her back. "You look amazing, Eleanor. I think this is your dress," Justin purrs happily. She can see he's made up his mind, he's buying the dress.

Ultimately, she's going to feel naked in any formal dress, and if Justin thinks this is the right one, she won't have to try on any more, and they can go home and do something more pleasant.