Eleanor walks up to Justin, having a drink with Kira. "What's wrong, Eleanor?" he asks, able to see in her face that she's been upset by her mother, his own face radiating love & caring back at her, impossible to hide. But he tries to hide it, restraining his hand already reaching to touch her face. "I'm so sorry I put you through this Justin, I'm sorry I forced you into this charade," she says.

Eleanor can hear the angry click of her mother's heels on the patio coming toward them, but she doesn't care anymore. She puts her arm around him, caressing his strong chest, his muscled back, "I love you, Justin," she tells him, finally understanding this much at least.

Justin nearly reels from the shock of her admission, and he groans softly as he kisses her. Her mother hmmphs loudly behind them.

"I've seen more than enough, you obviously cannot be left unsupervised without attaching yourself to riff raff," her mother hisses as she turns away, "You will be returning home with us tomorrow: no more art school for you, young lady!" The moment she feared above all others has come: Eleanor looks up into Justin beautiful green eyes, "Stand up," he whispers, "You can do it."

"I won't leave," Eleanor says as she turns toward her mother, "I won't go back with you."

Her mother laughs disdainfully, "Really, child, you have no choice. Your father & I will not continue to fund this 'lifestyle' of yours. How you could take up with this...this..trash when you have a genius like Zach about is beyond me."

All her life, Eleanor has wanted to smack the bitch. For days straight she's listened to her constant cutting down of Justin & Eleanor finally snaps and slaps her on the face. "You will not insult him like that," she growls as her hand strikes her mother's cheek.

"Understand that if you stay here, you will do so without any help from your father & I. You'll learn about your low class lover's 'generosity' when you can't pay your rent, child. When you are ready to apolgize & come home, we'll send you to Harvard," her mother says as she storms off. Eleanor lets her go, knowing she's got nothing to stand on, without her parents money, she can't afford school, and she doesn't have a real paying job, just an intership with Mercedes. But it doesn't matter, she'll find a way to live, whatever she has do, she will not be removed from her friends, her city, her Justin.