In Justin's room, they get as far as stripping down to their underwear before Eleanor comes to herself. She's not into this at all, not about to give herself to this puppy, to be mounted like some kind of animal in heat. Eleanor has very sure ideas about what she is into & though she scared herself pretty badly with Stalker, it hasn't changed what she wants. "No, Justin, I'm sorry, I can't do this.....I'm a virgin.." she says as she pulls away from him and starts fumbling around for her clothes. It's going to be so embarassing to go back out there, she thinks. They'll think she & Justin had a 'quickie', how revolting....She hears Justin open a drawer, and he comes behind her, grabbing her arms suddenly & pulling them behind her back. "Princess, the games we play won't require you to lose your virginity: that's yours for as long as you want it," he says to her as he binds her wrists together with a leather cord. "Justin, I'm not playing any games, I'm sorry if I mislead you....," she says struggling against the bonds, her heart beating so fast she feels it will pop out of her chest. "My Virgin Goddess," he whispers in ear, standing behind her as he pulls her hair so hard her head jerks back: it's the kind of pain she's fantasized about for a long time now, and she has to admit to herself she's more excited than scared...and what did Justin call her? "How..how do you know my screen name?" she gasps. "Haven't you recognized me yet, Princess? Didn't I tell you I'd come for you today?" he chuckles in her ear. "You? You're Stalker?" she can't believe it. "In the flesh," he says, smacking her ass really really hard, just like she's told him a million times she's wanted to be smacked, "And at your service," he says, coming to stand in front of her, bowing. "Eleanor, my Princess," he says to her, moving in closer, grabbing her breast & squeezing so hard she gasps sharply, "I can make every fantasy you've ever shared with me come true, everything & anything you want...just say the word..." And he lifts a hand to show her a gag, she groans with desire just at the sight of it. "Say it, Princess, say, 'yes, I want it,' & I'll put this gag on you. Say 'no', and I'll cut you loose..it's up to you now, if you want to keep it all a fantasy, or if you want it for real...."

Eleanor swallows hard, she's trembling with fear & excitement..."Yes, Justin, I want it," she says. And as he ties the gag around her mouth, she moans with desire. He said he would fulfill her every fantasy...but some of her fantasies are too much even for her, having never lived any of them herself, she had no idea how much she could actually tolerate at one go. Though she is gagged & cannot speak, she can see how he watches her eyes, how he stops before her pleasure at the pain is just pain with no pleasure. He knows the exact moment when she's had enough, and he tears the gag from her mouth, cuts the bond that ties her wrists. She lays exhausted & groaning on his bed, her desires for once truly satiated. She hisses in pain as he touches her, and something stings her skin..."What are you doing?" she cries, hasn't he had enough already? "It's just aloe, Princess," he says laughing a little, "It stings a little, but I wouldn't want to leave any marks on your beautiful skin..." She looks up at him: can this really be Justin, the same Justin that followed her around with his pathetic crush? He seems so different, now that she knows his secret, now that they've shared their mutual secret. All the contempt she had for him before is gone...he's done things she still hasn't, and he'll be he one to teach her everything she doesn't know.."Justin, how long have you known...about me? How long did you know I was 'VirginGoddess'?" "I've known about what you like since the first time I saw you, Eleanor. I've learned to recognize one of my own kind...and it didn't take that long to find you online, Princess. Your IP address was easy to follow...." Eleanor makes an effort to sit up, she has so many questions she wants to ask. But Justin gently but firmly tucks her down into bed, laying beside her, holding her just like they were a normal couple. "Tomorrow, Princess, ask me all your questions tomorrw."

As she's falling asleep, Eleanor realizes everyone in the house will be alive with gossip tomorrow. They'll think she's no longer a virgin...and that is probably preferable to them knowing what really went on in here.

It's pretty uncomfortable, first thing in the morning, facing Diego & Zach while Justin cooks breakfast. They smirk like they know something, but they don't know anything. And Justin is regular Justin again, no different from the other guys, except for being an excellent chef. If it weren't for the delicious aching soreness she feels, she might even think it was all a dream.

The delicious smell of Justin's cooking brings Gavin & Shay down to the kitchen. Shay is very chipper & happy, her face glowing like she's just been made love to: Gavin must really rock her world, Eleanor thinks, wondering what it's like, for normal people.