Eleanor's parents arrive at her house early the next day. Only Justin & Zach are around, everyone else took off at the first hint that someone's parents were going to be on the premises (except Gavin, who sincerely wanted to meet Eleanor's parents, being a fan of Eleanor's mother's poetry. But he has a movie shooting schedule he can't break free from.) Zach is staying to meet Eleanor's father: her neighbor studied under Dr Chaudhri, her father's colleague. Eleanor invites her mother into the house for some coffee, but she not quite politely declines.

Eleanor finally gets a chance to talk to her father: he's gone celebrity crazy since he got here, though she can't remember him ever going to the movies when she was growing up. Justin promised to grill for her parents, so he comes out to the patio now that they've arrived to do as she asked. She can't look at him as he walks past her, she feels her cheeks grow hot, the blush rising & hopes her parents don't notice.

Zach follows Justin out to the patio, and is immediately on the best of terms with her father. Zach has read all her father's books & articles & her father has heard nothing but praise from his friend Dr. Chaudhri about his one time student & now friend.

Having Justin meet her parents like this was the worst idea Eleanor has ever had. Her stomach is so twisted, she can't even look at them.

Trying not to feel sick, she takes a plate of Justin's fish.

Kira comes home at that moment & joins in on the meal.

Eleanor uses the opportunity to not have to sit at the same table as her parents and Justin at the same time. Though it irritates her mother immensely, Eleanor joins Kira & Zach at the other table.

Her mother takes her aside after everyone has eaten. "Your father & I really like that Zach boy. Dr. Chaudhri has told us several times that he's brilliant, a genius. I really think you should consider dating him, he would be excellent parent material," she says. Eleanor wonders if this is how her mother chose her father.