Eleanor's mother releases her after several more drinks, and Eleanor rushes straight back to Justin, not even stopping in her own house. As soon as she enters his room, he takes her face in his hands, looks in her eyes, and surprises her with a hard flash of anger glinting in his eyes. "Eleanor, you're tanked. Did your mother let you drive home like this?" She's been nagged at all day, and it was the last thing she expected here. "She drank more than I did...I hate her so much, Justin," she sighs, feeling the tears she won't actually shed brim up in her eyes.

When he kisses her it all goes away, the whole crappy day with her mother dissolves into nothing.

"I bought Mahi Mahi for your parents, Princess, I'm marinading the fish now" he says as he hands her a bouquet of roses, "I got these for you while I was out."

He has to work tonight, he can't stay much longer. And he was right about her being tanked, her mother just kept ordering more drinks. Justin sits with her & holds her while she tells him how horrible her mother was all day, the constant nagging & dissatisfaction with everything, "I actually got the nerve to talk back to her at dinner & she told me this city was giving me a bad attitude," she tells him, "I wish they hadn't come here."

Eleanor rests her head drunkenly on his shoulder & caresses his thigh. "I'm so glad I have you Justin," she sighs, lolling her head back to look up into his beautiful green eyes, "You make everything not matter."

"If you need me to stay with you, I'll blow off work," he offers, and as much as she'd love for him to stay, she declines. "I'm going to pass out in a minute away, and I'll still be asleep when you get home." He kisses her deeply before he leaves for work.