Eleanor has her mind on Justin during the entire drive out to the newly remodeled club, and regrets agreeing to come out with Xtina, preferring to stay home & contemplate his words, while she waits for him to come home. But she's out now having to listen to Xtina complain about how her latest boyfriend 'overreacted' to her having completely ruined whatever he was working on on his computer. As usual, Xtina thinks she's the victim, though it sounds to Eleanor like she did something pretty stupid & deserved to be yelled at. And that's from listening to her side of the story....

Xtina goes on complaining: apparently, now that she's had this awesome new guy for a little while, he's started to lose some of his luster. Once, Eleanor got great pleasure from listening to Xtina's endless boy troubles, jumping from one guy to the next, each one some new great love of hers for a couple of weeks before she starts picking him apart, but tonight Eleanor isn't in the mood to even pretend to sympathise with her friend, and she just sits & half listens.

"I was thinking you guys should have a party or something, at your house. It would be great if you could all meet Rainier," Xtina says. Yes, Eleanor thinks, let's all meet him before you dump him for the next guy you decide is it, but all she says is that they'll probably have a party sometime before her parents come for a visit. Thinking of her parents, who said they wanted to meet her friends, Eleanor advises Xtina about not letting on that she & Justin have been dating. It's so embarassing to have to admit how much she is still just a child in her parents' eyes, how she has to lie to them to be allowed to live on her own. "They're very judgmental, and the first thing they ask my friends when they meet them is where they go to school & what they major in. You can't tell them you dropped out, either, Xtina. They'll think you're giving me ideas," she says as Xtina stares at her in disbelief. Xtina breaks into laughter, so that her drink streams out of her nose. "You hate my ideas, you'd never take them if I tried to give them to you," she quips, and Eleanor cannot help but laugh.

After a couple of drinks they hang out in the bubble lounge. "Poor Justin," Xtina says suddenly, out of nowhere, "He likes you so much Eleanor, I bet this really shot him down, huh? You'll have to make it up to him." Eleanor was not looking for advice from her romantically messed up friend, but something in the simplicity of her statement, puts the situation in a new light. He asked her today what he needed to do to keep her: she's never bothered to ask him if there was something she could do the please him. Given the way he pursued her, it's been easy to assume he would always be hers. Maybe he will be, she thinks, but maybe she shouldn't just sit back & count on it, either.

Club set "House of AcidNation" by Parsimonious, walls floors by Butter, Deviant Sim, 'Goth Barbie' set