Because of Eleanor's predilections, her rising fear leads to rising excitement. And with all the kissing going on around her, she's feeling more aroused than she ever has, even while sharing her deepest fantasies online with Stalker. So when Justin takes that opportunity to kiss her, Eleanor responds just like any regular girl would, like any girl not into being tied up & spanked instead. And, she has to admit, deep inside herself, a great part of her thrill is the fear/hope that Stalker is indeed watching her now, watching like she can feel Diego & Zach are watching, damn gossipy neighbors.

Justin doesn't stop, & she doesn't make him stop. Even Diego & Zach get bored watching them & find something else to do.

She can't think past this one very long moment....though a virgin, she has been kissed a few times, a long time ago, when she was in high school & hadn't yet discovered where her true desires lie. But no kiss was ever like this, almost as though he knows what she likes, Justin bites her lips, pulls on her hair......

If Stalker were really going to come for her, she thinks (when she gets around to thinking again), he (or she) should have shown him/herself by now.

Justin carries Eleanor off to his room, and Eleanor still doesn't resist.