Mercedes doesn't spend much time in her office at all, leaving Eleanor completely alone most of the day, with no real work to do. Hoping that Mercedes didn't bother adding any spyware to her office computer, Eleanor rediscovers to joy of chatting with 'Stalker' again. While Justin is still at home, she can communicate with him in their old chat room hangouts. But he has things to do, appointments to keep, and Eleanor cannot spend the whole day in chat. Next, she phones Xtina, gossips about Mercedes & her stupid job, and the girls decide to check out the newly reopened Psychedelic Purr club on Melrose that night. Since Justin has to work his bouncer job tonight, Eleanor is free anyway.

By mid-afternoon, Mercedes drops into the office, interrupting Eleanor's idling with her name dropping & self-aggrandizement. What's worse, she wants to take Eleanor to lunch. Why? Eleanor wonders, hating to have to actually be gracious & thank the woman for treating her, when she'd rather starve than spend an afternoon with the woman.

Before lunch, Mercedes wants to go shopping, to buy a new gown for her art for charity event. Eleanor has not yet gotten out of Mercedes what charity exactly her event will be benefitting, and she wonders if the wealthy socialite knows or even cares.

How long is this going to take, anyway? Eleanor hates shopping...

During lunch, Eleanor tells Mercedes she's arranged things with the florist for the charity event. So far that has been the only real task assigned to her, and it took less than an hour. Mercedes doesn't seem to care really, once she gives an order, it's like it disappears from her consciousness.

After lunch, Mercedes insists on having a mocchiatto at the cafe. Eleanor hopes she doesn't expect her to go back to the office after this, it's nearly time for her to leave, anyway.