Eleanor starts her first day of work for Mercedes: she's planning an art for charity event, and Eleanor will be in charge of arranging things with the florist

There's going to be an opening party at a gallery in Silver Lake Mercedes wants Eleanor to attend & write a review on for Mercedes' new magazine. At least that part of the job will be cool: Eleanor goes to art openings anyway.

('painting' on the right, titled 'Aztlan', is from a digital photograph, enhanced with photoshop, by myself, made for Sims by Jaylee's Sims. Many thanks to Jaylee for making these Sim paintings & making them available. More photos from that series will be available in the future. Also small versions of 5 of my photos, Simmed by Huntress are available on my calisims yahoo group)

Then it's into the office to play receptionist. The magazine is still barely more than a concept Mercedes is forming, her office just a couple of rooms. But this will look good on Eleanor's resume, even if it is a bit of a sham.

Still, Mercedes talks about herself like she's the editor of an important art magazine, even though she hasn't even got issue #1 out, or even really planned, yet.

Mercedes seems to enjoy wasting her time. Eleanor is not impressed with Mercedes' Lancome compact, she has her own, she just doesn't pull it out in front of everyone, trying to impress people.