"I want to go to a fetish ball, Justin. I want you to take me out into your world, I want to see everything that's out there," she says. "Slow down, Princess," he answers, shaking his head a little, "I don't know that you're ready for everything that's out there." Being told 'no' always makes Eleanor angry: so far, she has accepted Justin's control over how fast & far they go, because of his experience. But she will not be told she's not ready to see things. "I want to go, Justin, and I can find a way if you won't take me," she insists, pushing him a little. Eleanor knows pushing Justin, given his tempermant, could be trouble. His green eyes flare up in anger, and his lip curls in a snarl: this must be what he looks like before he punches someone, she thinks, he's beautiful. And she braces herself, expecting to be hit.

He embraces her so hard as he kisses her, she can feel the leather ties of her top digging into her flesh.

"I'll take you wherever you want to go, Princess," he says, lifting her up in his arms, "Maybe you are ready, maybe I'm just not ready to share you yet."

"I just want to see, Justin, I don't want to be shared," she says as he carries her to his bed. "I don't like the thought of those freaks even looking at you," he says with a laugh as he unties her laces, "I'd probably kill anyone who actually touched you," he murmurs in her ear as his hands work over her back, massaging her where last night she felt the sting of the lash. Sometimes, she's not sure when he's serious & when he's joking. "Would you really?" she asks, wondering if she should test that, flirt with someone, to see what Justin would do, how far his jealousy would take him. "Eleanor," he says very seriously, turning her head to look in her in the eyes, "If you're thinking of luring some poor fool into touching you just to watch me beat him up, I beg you not to. I only have so much self-control, and you like to take things to extremes. It could get out of hand very quickly." Eleanor's mouth opens, but she has no reply. How did he learn to read her so quickly?