Mercedes immediately heads to the oxygen bar after lunch: Eleanor has never huffed oxygen, but she did have quite a problem with inhalants as a young teen, and still finds herself occaisionally tempted by jars of rubber cement at school.

Mercedes tells Eleanor she wants an intern to help do stories on the different gallery openings around the city. "I can't possibly go to all the opening parties myself," she says, rolling her eyes, "And I won't go to Hollywood, ugh. I'm looking for someone like you who can go & take notes for write up in the magazines 'Scene' section. And of course I'll want you helping around the office as well, it's not all going to parties.." Mercedes tells her to show up at her gallery on Monday, "and I'll put you to work," she promises. What joy, Eleanor thinks. But at least this means she can stay in L.A.

Before she leaves the lounge, Eleanor makes a wish at the fountain. She wishes for independence, because she hates that her parents determine where & how she lives, that she has to fulfill their requirements in order to live where she chooses. Gavin would tell her those kinds of wishes are dangerous, the universe has a way of granting them in unexpected & unwanted ways. But Eleanor doesn't share Gavin's world view: to her the simple wish was nothing but a thought, and the tossed coin just some extra money, something to do on her way out of the lounge. She forgets all about it by the time she's out the door.

Before Eleanor goes home, she does a little shopping. Usually, she chooses to be very plain & simply dressed, no matter what the occasion, but Eleanor wants Justin to take her to her first fetish ball this summer, and she'll need to wear something besides her usual clothes.

Justin had a couple of 'house calls' to make before going to work at the bar, so he isn't around when Eleanor returns from her job interview in Beverly Hills. She still can't resist looking in his drawers & closet, though she never finds anything different than the first time, just his clothes, everything always neatly placed.

Eleanor puts on her new gear before Justin gets home. Still not quite comfortable showing this much skin, she stands a little hunched, folding in on herself. Justin does say anything, but stands, smiling, looking at her. "Do I look ridiculous?" she asks, suddenly wondering if this was a bad idea.

"No, not ridiculous, beautiful Eleanor," he says as he swoops down on her, kissing her forcefully.