Justin plans his first Indian dinner for right after Eleanor's last finals. Luckily Justin always cooks enough for a full house, because Gavin & Shay are around this evening. The movie director, Byron Palisades, that they are working for has gone missing

Even Diego straggles in when he smells dinner in the kitchen. There's just enough left for him.

Justin's cooking is excellent, as usual. Zach says it tastes very authentic, apparently he has Indian friends & is used to the food. Eleanor has nothing to compare it to, but she knows when something is well-prepared.

Working together doesn't seem to be going so well for Gavin & Shay, Eleanor thinks, listening to Shay nag Gavin about their boss.

Eleanor thanks Justin for cooking the special meal for her, though it was technically for Zach. "If you like it, I'll do it again," he says. Eleanor feels her pulse quicken: it's not the first time he's said that to her, hearing it again out of context gives her a thrill. She smiles at him & he smiles back knowingly: he knows what she's thinking.

She presses herself up against him for a kiss, tastig the curry on his tongue. "I brought you...what you asked for," he purrs huskily in her ear, Eleanor's knees grow weak & he chuckles as he holds her up. There are so many things Eleanor hasn't tried, she's shared her many fantasies with Justin, but he doles out the reality in small doses. He says she wants too much, too fast..all she wanted was nipple clamps, she's seen them in so many pictures, but he made her wait until after her exams.Justin & Eleanor disappear together at the same time as Gavin & Shay, leaving Zach & Diego on their own.