"Do you like Indian food, Eleanor?" Zach asks abruptly after breakfast, while Justin is in the shower. "Well, I've never really tried it," Eleanor answers, puzzled by the abrupt question. "Would you like to try it? Zach continues.

"Well, you know how Justin is about restaurants..," Eleanor answers warily, wondering what he is getting at. "I have an Indian friend, an excellent cook who could send me recipes," Zach explains. "Thanks, Zach, but I don't cook," she says, and then puts it together, "Oh, you mean for Justin," she laughs, "You could ask him yourself, I'm sure he'd be happy to." Zach blushes,"If it weren't for Justin, I'd be living on frozen pizzas. I'd hate to start making demands..."

"I thought you were going to your place to study, Eleanor," Justin says as he comes into the kitchen. Eleanor pouts at being pestered about school, it's such a downer, but she's decided to take up Zach's cause & she gets right to it. "I'm on my way now, Justin. I was just talking to Zach about the Indian restaurant in theWestside plaza. I want to try Indian food." "Restaurant?" Justins asks, almost a groan. "Zach says he has an Indian friend who will give him recipes. Do you think you could do it?" she says, and he breaks into a smile. "Of course I can do it," he says, and Zach takes off saying he'll email his friend right away.

"Get to work now, Princess, When your finals are over you'll have all summer to play. I'm going to go work out, so I'm ready for you," he says, kissing her softly. "It's so hard to study, Justin," she sighs, not wanting to bother memorizing the dates of paintings, "I keep thinking of you, I can't concentrate."

Justin smiles, looking her in the eyes, pulling her hair just enough. "I'll call you when dinner is ready," he says, and Eleanor reluctantly goes back to her house to study art history.