Eleanor is an artist & a writer: she considers herself an observer of human interaction, but she doesn't care to participate in 'normal' romantic interactions. Many of her friends, like Xtina & Kira, think it's weird for a girl her age to still be a virgin, especially since she hasn't any religious reason for being so. Perhaps it is weird, Eleanor thinks, but if they knew what she was really into, & why she hasn't bothered with dating, romance or sex...they would find Eleanor more than just 'weird'. Eleanor lives a secret fantasy life online: under the screen name 'VirginGoddess' she engages in highly erotic conversations, sharing stories about bondage & other sad-masochistic rituals, things she's seen in pictures, things that make her blood hot & her palms sweat, things she's never tried herself, but that she thinks she's working herself up to. During the past year or so, she's found one particular online partner with whom she's been sharing some of her darkest fantasies, her deepest desires: he (or she, for who can really be sure of an online lover) goes by the name 'Stalker', and Stalker speaks to every desire Eleanor has ever had. This evening, after sharing a particularly dark fanasy with Stalker, Eleanor finds herself wanting to try some of these things she writes about in person & she writes to her online lover how she wishes she could meet him (or her) in person. "Say the word, Eleanor, & I'll come for you," Stalker replies, sending a shiver up Eleanor's spine. When did she ever tell Stalker her name was Eleanor? She's pretty sure she never had....Eleanor is suddenly very frightened to be alone in the house & wishes Kira would come home soon.

The sudden rapping on her door scares her near to death. Could it be her Stalker? And if it were, would that be a good or a bad thing? Palms sweating, she looks out the window... and sighs with relief to see it is just Justin, a neighbor. How ironic, she thinks, to be happy to see him. It's not that she doesn't like Justin, he's friendly and fun to talk to to, not much different that her other neighbors, as far as that goes. It's just that he has this pathetically obvious crush on her, which she just cannot respond to. Who could possibly fulfill her fantasies, she wonders....certainly not Justin, sweet as he is. But, still nervous from having Stalker use her real name, of realizing she's shared her deepest, darkest fantasies with someone she knows nothing about, and has just about invited that stranger to come find her, Eleanor is happy to stand outside & chat with Justin about movies, about whatever, until Kira finally gets home. "I'll see you later, Eleanor," Justin says, looking at her with his eyes full of his puppy love. When they get inside, Kira laughs, "The two of you are so pathetic it's like you were made for each other. Why don't you just go out with him? I bet he wouldn't even try to take your precious virginity...." Eleanor doesn't find it at all funny & she doesn't bother to answer.

Eleanor has no intention of telling anyone about Stalker & her secret online life. She just stays out of her favorite chat rooms for a few days....and finds she misses talking to Stalker more than she can bear. Luckily, Kira & their neighbors want to have a little Saturday BBQ & Eleanor can spend her time planning for that, & not itching to get online. She calls Xtina to invite her to the party. Of course, with Xtina still kind of hungover from breaking up with Gavin, and Gavin already deeply in love with his new girlfriend, it will be a very interesting scene. But just in case no one has told Xtina yet, Eleanor warns her, Gavin's found someone else & she will no doubt be at this party. Xtina says she has a friend of her own to bring...well, that will be interesting, Eleanor thinks, wondering who Xtina will be bringing. And then Eleanor sits to check her email..she's not going to go to the chat rooms, just check her mail....and there it is, a message from an address she's never seen before, but she knows immediately who it's from: stalker@simhoo.com. The message just says "I'll see you on Saturday, my VirginGoddess. I miss you. Hugs & kisses, your Stalker." Eleanor is both excited & frightened at the same time. How did he (or she) get her email address? How does Stalker know where to find her? Thank goodness there will be a party on Saturday, all her neighbors & friends will be here.....

When Saturday finally does come, Eleanor is in a flurry of excitement & fear. Her friends & neighbors gather round on the patio, they have food & drink & music, everything you need for a get together. Gavin & Shay go off into their own little love world, wich is typical of Gavin, and Xtina seems to handle it better than expected: she's brought herself some surfer guy, to the suprise of everyone. Well, maybe it's a rebound thing, but Eleanor wouldn't know, having never had any real lovers herself. Just Stalker, she thinks with a shiver that both thrills & scares her.

Of course Justin doesn't let up with his attentions to Eleanor. In fact, he seems to think this party is an excuse for him to really lay it on. You'd think he'd get it by now, she just doesn't do that kind of thing. And the way they all gossip over the least little things, like Diego & Zach are already going on about how Xtina just kissed the surfer guy, you would think Eleanor's resolve to remain a virgin would be a hot topic & a fact known to all.

As the sun goes down, Eleanor becomes more & more nervous. Stalker said he (or she) would be here today...Eleanor doesn't know whether to want it or not, she just knows she won't be able to rest until this Saturday is over & behind her. She almost wishes Stalker would jump out from behind a tree & gun everyone down or something, just to get this horrible day over with. But nothing is happening, except Gavin & Shay making out all day, and Xtina & surfer boy doing much the same, and Justin relentlessly flirting with her.