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Residence: Venice Beach Apts

Coby: Coby grew up in Southern California & is an avid surfer & snowboarder. He has recently been licensed as a game character in a surf simulation game. That's about as much of a 'job' as he's interested in.
Coby's Relationships: Coby is step-brother to Heather, making him uncle to her daughter Amber & brother-in-law to her husband, Ulises. Coby currently lives with roommate Tanner, but previously lived in La Leyenda Apts, in Hollywood. (he moves in Chapter 17 of his story). When he was living in Hollywood, he was dating one of his neighbors, Xtina. Coby fell harder for her than is usual for his carefree style: after she broke up with him & took up with Rainier, Coby couldn't live in the building with her anymore & moved to Venice with his friend Tanner. He took up with his new neighbor, Hayley, as soon as he moved in, and has since started dating Nina, the receptionist at the software company where he's been licensed as a game character
NOTE: Starting in Chapter 12, Coby's head changes. The game decided to change his head & wouldn't let me change it back to his old head. I could change it to any other head in my skins folder, but not the original head. I even tried redownloading the original head, but it still wouldn't take. So I chose this new head on the same mesh.
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1: Coby meets Moira
2: Thanksgiving at Heather's
3: Magic Castle with Moira
4: Coby meets Ulises in Venice
5: Monkey Suit
6: Rejected at the Rave Club
7: Heather's wedding
8: Strange Event
9: Dilemma
10: Wipe Out
11: Love & Surfing
12: Suspicion
13: Mavericks
14: Homecoming
15: Mr. Woofie
16: Goodbye
17: Hayley
18: Coby's plan
19: Coby's plan, 2
20: Mr. Woof-woof is going to bite your nose
21: Easy Ride
22: Damn it, Ti
23: Heather Drops By
24: Hayley's Room
25: Forest Lawn
26: Real Date
27: Real Date, 2
28: Real Date, 3
29: The Game of Surfing
30: Voice Acting
31: Date with Nina
32: Ruiner
33: Whipped
34: Whipped, 2
35: Sweet Taste
36: Not French
37: Perfect Situation
38: Crush
39: Friends
40: Miss you
41: Rebound NEW

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