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The Cast of Dozens: The city is full of Sims, each with his or her own story to tell. But I may not get to them all. This alphabetical index covers all the Sims who appear in the stories, whether they have their own storyline or not. Each Sim has thumbnail above their name, a brief description of who they are & who they know, and the name of their building. The names of Sims they know which are in bold text are Sims with stories, and you'll likely find this Sim appearing in those stories. Sims with highlighted thumbnails have stories in progress: click them to visit their pages.
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Adam is a rising young actor/model. Under pressure from his agent to be seen with famous girlfriends in all the papers, Adam has recently started dating pop diva Estelle. He just needs to keep his boyfriend Steve a secret from her & the media. Adam lives with boyfriend Steve (they married during the time same sex couples were being granted licenses in San Fransisco, but those marriages have now been dissolved by the CA State Supreme court.) and they are neighbors to Martin & Jade.
Adam Residence: Brentwood Duplex
Alison is a NY native & graduate NYU film school. She is production assistant to director Byron Palisades. Her boss is currently going through some very strange stuff, so Alison is even more stressed than usual. And she's having to spend more time with Byron's psychic friend, Serena. Actors in the new movie she's working on include a former lover of hers, Astrid, who was also seeing the film's star Gavin at the same time. Recently Alison has run into Justin, who she knew when she was a college student in NY. Alison lives with her girlfriend Kelly. Before that she lived in Fairfax Apts, and was neigbor to Luz.
Alison Residence: Fountain View Apts
Amber: daughter of Heather with Ty, now step-daughter of Ulises. Niece to Coby.
Amber Residence: Topanga Canyon
Ambika Chaudhri is wife of Arjun, a prominent physicist & professor at UCLA. Their son Ram lives at home with wife Lakshmi & their son Jagdish. Arjun & Ambika's oldest son Vijay married an American woman, Violet, against their wishes: he's now divorced and has little contact with the family. Their daughter Meera has recently fled their home to live with ex-sister-inlaw Violet, in Denver.
Ambika Residence: Chaudhri House
Andrea is Nico's younger brother. After a fight with his father, his parents sent him to stay in L.A. with his brother and girlfriend Jackie for awhile. Now he's living in Hermosa beach with girlfriend supermodel Debbie, and he's working as a personal trainer to the stars.
Andrea Residence: Hermosa Beach
Arjun Chaudhri is a prominent physicist & professor at UCLA. He was Zach's mentor when he was a student. His wife is Ambika, his son Ram lives at home with wife Lakshmi & their son Jagdish. Arjun & Ambika's oldest son Vijay married an American woman, Violet, against their wishes: he's now divorced and has little contact with the family. Their daughter Meera has recently fled their home to live with ex-sister-inlaw Violet, in Denver. Arjun is a friend of Eleanor's father, Linus, also a prominent physicist
Arjun Residence: Chaudhri House
Astrid's name means 'star', and she has every intention of fulfilling that role. She is a hard working actress, dedicated to her craft. A former lover of both Alison & Gavin, Astrid was surprised to find herself working with both of them when she was cast as 'Death' in Byron's Sandman movie. She still has some 'issues' with Gavin, and has pitted herself against him even as she has to co star with him, and tried to break up his relationship withhis girlfriend Shay, who is the costume designer for the movie. Now Astrid is back with Gavin.
Astrid Residence: Temescal Canyon
Bernard is a Studio Town Somebody, an actor. He's the actor Mary Strong is with when she first meets Nico, and Debbie later refers to him in Jackie's story.
Bernard Residence: Studio Town Somebody, Actor
Bill Arthag: Husband of Mercedes Arthag, CEO of Big Music Corporation, the label Jackie & Nico's band F Hole is signed to. Employer of au pair, Moira. His daughter with Mercedes is Portia.
Bill Arthag Residence: Arthag Estate, Beverly Hills.
Byron is an Oscar winning film directorr who specializes in scifi & comic book adaptations. His current project is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman comics, starring an unknown young actor Byron discovered on the street, Gavin. Not your ordinary Hollywood director, Byron is a man with some peculiar abilities, and he has become the target of some supernatural entities. The love of his life is Serena, the psychic. Alison is his most important production assisstant.
Byron Residence: Pacific Palisades
Coby is a surfer & snowboarder. He is step-brother to Heather, and he dated Xtina after she broke up with Gavin. Xtina broke his heart and left him for Rainier, and Coby is currently nursing the wound by picking up every girl he meets, including Hayley & Nina. Recently, his sister's best friend from high school & his first crush, Rebecca has come back to L.A. Before he lived in Venice, he lived in La Leyenda Apts, Hollywood. His roommmate is Tanner, his neighbors are PJ, Hayley & Kyle.
Coby Residence: Venice Beach Apts
Chloe: She's a make up artist, currently working for Byron Palisades latest movie. Currently, she is roommate to Shay, the costumedesigner for the same movie. After I reinstalled, I lost her original head .bmp & have now replaced her with a new version. So she looks a little different.
Chloe Residence: Griffith Park Blvd Apts.
Cynthia: One of Gavin's ex-girlfriends. Cynthia is a Studio Town anybody.
Cynthia Residence: Studio Town Anybody.
Debbie. Debbie is a supermodel. In a previous installation of my game, she was a Studio Town Somebody who appeared in Nico's story, as the model who dances in his video. After I reinstalled, I re-created Debbie, and had her living with the other 'Somebodies' I had to re-create to continue the story, in the Bellagio Hotel lot. Debbie has ended up having a relationship with Nico's brother Andrea, and now lives in a new lot, Hermosa Beach, which is a duplex that I've only so far built one half of. lol. She also appears in Jackie's story.
Debbie Residence: Hermosa Beach
Diego: was neighbor to Gavin, Justin & Eleanor & Zach when they all lived in Echo Park.
Diego Residence: Echo Park
Eleanor came to L.A. as an art student, and is 'best friends' with former classmate, Xtina. Born to a wealthy family, a recent fight with her mother over her relationship with her neighbor Justin (who is not from a wealthy family) ended with Eleanor being cut off from the family funds. No longer a student, she worked for Mercedes Arthag's art magazine until her boss's crush on Justin grew out of control. Now she's the assistant editor of Livin' Large magazine, working for Corrine and she's opened a new art gallery with former neighbor Gavin.. She currently lives in Marina del Rey with Justin. Before that she lived in Echo Park, with roommate Kira, & neighbors are Justin, Gavin, Zach & Diego.
Eleanor Residence: Marina del Rey
Esme: dancer. Neighbor to Xtina, former neighbor to Coby & Nico.
Esme Residence: La Leyenda Apts.
Estelle: Pop diva. A SS Somebody created by my game when I installed Superstar, Estelle is the hottest new songstress to hit the dance scene. She's been seen a lot lately with rising young actor Adam. A bit sheltered, she likes him because he's not after her for her body. She is now a neighborhood Sim, she bought the Hollywood Hills mansion previously owned by photographer Gregg. She is signed to Bill Arthag's record label. Her live in housekeeper & personal advisor is Gayle.
Estelle Residence: Hollywood Hills
Gavin was a grad student at Otis Parsons, until film director Byron Palisades 'discovered' him in a cafe in Westwood. Now he's starring as Dream in the director's latest movie, all so his girlfriend Shay could get a job as a costume designer. The job has also put him in a co-starring role with former lover, Astrid, who was cheating on him with Alison when they were together. Since Shay broke up with him, he's back with Astrid now. They now live together in Temescal Canyon. Though he's accepted his new role as an actor, he's opened an art gallery with Eleanor to keep in touch with his background as an artist. Formerly he lived in Echo Park with housemates Justin, Zach & Diego, and neighbors Eleanor & Kira.
Gavin Residence: Temescal Canyon
Gayle is housekeeper, advisor & confidante of pop diva Estelle.
Gayle Residence: Hollywood Hills
Gregg: Celebrity photographer. Gregg shoots all big names for all the big magazines, but he's most proud of his nude photography. He shot the most recent video for Jackie & Nico's band F Hole, and he also donated several large nudes photographs to his friend Mercedes Arthag's charity auction. He also appears in Adam's story.
Gregg Residence: Moving
Hayley is a phys. ed major at UCLA, and plays volleyball. She fell for Coby as soon as he moved in to the apartment next door, but he didn't treat her well at all. She's started seeing Rainier, who Xtina left Coby for... Hayley's roommate is PJ, her neighbors are Coby & Tanner, and Kyle.
Hayley Residence: Venice Beach Apts.
Heather was a single mom (her daughter is Amber), but recently married her 'soul mate' Ulises, an LAPD officer. Heather's step-brother is Coby. As the local pot dealer, Heather has connections to almost everyone in the stories. Her most important client is director Byron Palisades. She often attends peace rallies with friend Luz. Recently, her high school friend Rebecca has returned to L.A.
Heather Residence: Topanga Canyon
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