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The Cali Award is given to recognize the incredible talents of people/sites that create new content for Sims games. No nominations or voting ever happens for these awards & there is no set schedule (so there is one per month or anything like that). They awarded as I see fit, to people or websites that I feel have done something truly extraordinary. In many cases, these people have fulfilled a request of mine, and done a really fabulous job, and this is my way of thanking them. Some awards are just for sites that I especially admire. Recipients of the award are notified by email about the award, and their names & site links are listed below, along with my explanation of why they are so very Awesome! (to put it in Cali terms)

(the Cali Award graphic was made by the resident evil genius of Deviant Sim, Evil Ed)

Butter, of Deviant Sim, who took a picture of a yellow stucco house I sent her & came up with a stunning set of California bright pastel stucco walls & floors, the Hollywood Missy collection. Butter has a unique style of wall & floor design, reminiscent of hand painted walls, and her bold use of color always inspires me to get really creative with my house designs. Butter is one of the most generous & loving people I know: if you join Deviant Sim Cafe yahoo group, you will surely be greeted with a warm & loving Butter hug!

Inge Jones, Sim Logical, Inge's hacked items for creating institutions like hospitals, prisons & schools classify as whole new expansions in themselves! As a story writer, I'm most especially impressed & delighted with the Visitor Control and Enforceable range of objects. I remember how much harder it was for me to stage scenes before I discovered Sim Logical: it was a truly miraculous moment for me when I was able to have a boyfriend sleep over for the first time with the visitor enabler! Her hacks have been invaluable to the Sim storytelling community, and she has always been more than open to requests & suggestions for new hacks. I am particularly grateful for the enforceable posing spot, which makes a selected Sim go through a routine of poses from the SS photo shoot, but without any stuff about. I use it for a variety of scenarios in my stories, from photo shoots, to life drawing sessions to cheerleader practice....

Ashuanda, Sims Addiction & guest artist contributor of Deviant Sim. Ash is a very talented skinner whose work I use in a lot of my scenes. Her designs, from casual to elegant, to naughty lingerie, are all stunning & look great on your Sims. At my request, she made the Sandman costume Gavin wears in all the movie shooting scenes. There are a lot of Sandman skins out there, all skinny & pale. LOL, which is probably more proper. But this is the Hollywood version, and Gavin is 'fit' & light rather than pale, so I needed a custom job. Ash created a simple but gorgeous costume, with a long coat that has a velvety texture that looks incredible in the game. This skin is particularly special to me, but her work is extensive & should be tried by all!

Sandy, Around the Sims, Sandy's work is truly incredible, her vast website has objects & skins galore. What I appreciate most about Around the Sims is the uniqueness of her objects: the recording studio set (before SS & far superior to the cheesy SS version, IMO), the Indian restaurant, the wine cellar...Everything on the site is incredibly well designed, and there is impressive attention to fact it is those little details, items like dish racks & spices for your kitchen, decorative plates & candles for your buffet, the children's toys, that make Around the Sims so special. No matter how I'm furnishing a home, expensive Beverly Hills to Hollywood Dive, there is always some little something from Around the Sims, even if I'm not using one of Sandy's gorgeous sets, there's a perfume bottle, a desk accessory, a bottle of laundry detergent, somewhere in the house.

Feleyra & Staff of Simply Updates yahoo group. Feleyra & her staff gather news about updates from all over the Sims community & post them in daily newsletters on their yahoo group. Any Simmers who like to download would find this group an invaluable resource. I reely on it for news about what is new in the world of Sims!

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