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Residence: Pacific Palisades

Byron: Reclusive & eccentric, Byron is an Academy award winning director who specializes in scifi & comic book adaptation films. His current project is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman". But Byron is not just your ordinary big time Hollywood director: he was born with a 'gift' that has made him the target of some supernatural entities.
Byron's Relationships: Notorious for his high profile affairs with glamorous actresses, Byron has been secretly carrying a torch for his first love, the psychic Serena, all these years. His most important production assistant is Alison. His dog is Grok.
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1: Dream's Castle
2: Dream's Castle, 2
3: Actresses
4: Actresses, 2
5: Mysterious Stranger
6: The Scene
7: South on Highland
8: Director's Challenge
9: Figment of the Imagination
10: Balcony Scene, completed
11: Spellbound
12: Byron's Serena NEW
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