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Brentwood Duplex: Lot 57. Two one bedroom units, Townhouse style, with shared balcony, patio & swimming pool.
This building is equipped with the Sim Logical Apartment system hacks, which makes the residents of each apartment stop trying to use the objects in the other Sims' units.The system consists of necessary Apartment tokens, which must be placed in each room & assigned an apt #, and a master controller, which you use to set the restrictions on the apts, and also toggles your apt tokens to visible/invisible. Then you choose from among the different objects hacked to work with the system: things like plumbing & appliances & fun objects like TVs & computers are 'attractive' to Sims, the apartment hacked versions of these items will only attract & be available to the Sims you have assigned to the apt token that is in the same room. I'm using a hack by Sim Slice that allows you to place flowers anywhere, as seen beneath fountain. (only works on Maxis flowers)
First Floor: Living rooms & kitchens of both units. Both units are using hacked apt system recolor's by Madoria's World in the kitchen & bathroom: The Plum Kitchen & Blue Marble bathroom sets. Ther are also using fridge, espresso maker & TVs hacked by Sim Logical for the apt system. Apt 1 has tan carpet, Apt 2 has blue. (floors by Livin it up)
Second Floor. Bedrooms of each unit. Each unit features double bath on second floor. Bar on balcony by Around the Sims.
Object Credits: Apt 1 first floor: Asian living room set by John Adaone, Livin it up, with baskets by Around the Sims, vase by Beewitched, bookshelf by STP Carly at The Sims Resource, hallway table by Sim Skins, large glass vase by Parsimonious. Kitchen table & chairs by Livin it up, decorative dishrack by Around the Sims.
Apt 2 First floor: living room set by Sim Skins, 'Mood booster' cocktails by Around the Sims, flower vase by Beewitched, kitchen table by Livin it up.
Apt 1:Bedroom Modern Line bedroom set & Star dressing room items, lighting & deco basket by Around the Sims. Paintings by Sim Skins. Jade mirror, bedroom walls & balcony floor by Livin it up.
Apt 2 Bedroom: Levanzo bedroom set by Sim Freaks, lighting, alarm clock & writing set (Adam is using it in picture) by Around the Sims. White doors & door frames & windows by Livin it up.
Patio Hottubs by Well Dressed Sim, sunbathing mats by Beewitched, floor by Livin it up.
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