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Residence: Fountain View Apts.

Astrid: Astrid is a hard-working actress: she's done theater, bit parts, commercials, walk ons, anything & everything to get her face & her name out there. She's finally got the role that could propel her to stardom, she's been cast as 'Death' in Byron Palisades current 'Sandman' movie. Discovering that her former lover Gavin, who isn't even actor, has been cast in the starring role of her movie angered Astrid greatly, and she's out to get him.
Astrid's relationships: Astrid was lovers with both Alison & Gavin, currently she's been attempting to catch the eye of director Byron Palisades (he does have a reputation for having affairs with the actresses in his films). Her roommate is Leah & she is neighbors with Alison, Kelly & Quentin.
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1: Big Audition
2: Costumes
3: Astrid visits Shay
4: The Scene
5: Backstage Pass
6: Backstage Pass, 2
7: One Plot Ruined
8: A New Plot
9: Performance
10: Dressing Room Scene
11: Weird Encounter NEW
12: Exhibitionist NEW

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