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Arthag Estate: Lot 2. Beverly Hills mansion belonging to Bill & Mercedes Arthag. Bill is CEO of Big Music Corporation, and Mercedes own the Arthag Gallery of Contemporary Art as well as owning her own magazine, Arthag on the Art Scene: the gallery & Mercedes office are housed in a smaller building on this property. The large house has a large master bedroom with gorgeous tiled spa bathroom, large child's bedrom built for a princess on the second floor, and parlor, kitchen, dining room & servant's quaters on the first floor.
Exterior credits: wooden patio set at Jendea Simtecture, White Dogwood Trees at Gardening Sims, White Nasturtium by Mhari at Livin it up, "Thinker" statue by Sim Gypsy.
Blue tile around swimming pool & on balcony by Northern Kat at Livin it up.
Office & Gallery.
First Floor: Parlor, Dining Room, Kichen & 'Servants Quarters' (an actual Sim lives there, Moira the au pair, not an NPC. Though there's plenty of them about, too.) Servant's room also has laundry.
Second Floor: Master bedroom with double bathroom & hottub room. Large child's room.
Balcony: Meandering through Marrakesh set by Parsimonious & Souk Bathroom lamps by Around the Sims.
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