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Residence: Fountain View Apts.

Alison: A native of New York & a graduate of the NYU Film School, Alison reluctantly moved to L.A. for the film industry. She works as a production assistant to director Byron Palisades, and dreams of directing her own movies someday.
Alison's Relationships: Alison is Byron's most important & trusted production assisstant. Second in line to her is her co-worker, Ruben. Lately, Byron has taken up with the strange Odessa & abandoned his Sandman movie so he can write a new vehicle for his new flame, leaving Alison in charge of the film. Her boss's strange behaviour has caused Alison to seek the aid of his psychic friend Serena on his behalf. Though Alison has no patience with this psychic nonsense, she doesn't know anyone else who can help. Alison currently lives in Fountain View Apts in West Hollywood with girlfriend Kelly. A former lover of Alison, Astrid, lives on the first floor, and is also an actress in Byron's film. Her other neighbors are Leah, Astrid's roommate, and Quentin. Before she moved in with Kelly, Alison lived in a bachelor apt on Fairfax Ave, where she was neighbors with Luz, a former girlfriend of her girlfriend Kelly.
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1: The glamorous film industry
2: Industry, 2
3: Night out with Kelly
4: Night out, 2
5: Byron gets a dog
6: Alison gets romantic
7: A Hollywood Christmas
8: Christmas, 2
9: The Party
10: The Party,2
11: Bitch
12: Big Bad Wolf
13: Magic Castle
14: The surprise
15: Back to work
16: Costumes
17: Photo Shoot
18: The Balcony Scene
19: Breakfast
20: Print!
21: Missed Meeting
22: Psychic Friend 1
23: Psychic Friend 2
24: Missing Persons
25: Unnatural
26: Unnatural 2
27: New Direction
28: The Plot
29: Opening Reception
30: New York, New York
31: Impossible NEW
32: Convenience NEW
33: Alice NEW
34: Awkward NEW

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