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Residence: Brentwood Duplex

Adam: Adam is a young actor/model trying to make it big in Hollywood. He has discovered that it takes things other than talent & drive to get important roles & media attention.
Adam's Relationships: In Hollywood, it's all about who you know. As a rising young star, Adam schmoozed with the likes of Monica, the editor of WhooNoo magazine, has been seen dating a popular soap star, and has now caught the attention of Estelle, a pop diva who is all the rage in the dance clubs. Adam lives in Brentwood with his boyfriend, Steve, but he has to keep the relationship in the closet for his career. Their neighbors are entertainmentr lawyer Martin & his wife, model, Jade.
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1: Adam & Steve
2: Ethics & the Industry
3: Ethics, 2
4: Lunch with Christine
5: Shopping with Christine
6: Dinner with Steve
7: Guilty feeling
8: The Party
9: Party, 2
10: Big Audition
11: Honeymoon
12: Honeymoon, 2
13: Agency
14: Celebrity
15: Estelle
16: Estelle, 2
17: Boring Dates NEW
18: Rising Star NEW
19: Playing Straight NEW

Adam is very popular with the girls.

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