Stubble - First fixes, TESTERS NEEDED by misukisu

Hi all,
as you know Tiger left his tools for the Sims 3 community when he stopped creating. I picked up Stubble, The String Bundle Editor that lets you edit game strings.

It was not badly broken, but it did not recognize strings from newer EPs and the string collector stopped working. I wanted to get it back to you as soon as possible, and I know I will be busy for couple of weeks more so I'm publishing this test version now. Just unpack the zip somewhere and you are ready to go. Works in Windows and requires .NET 4.

Download Stubble

The old usage instructions can be found here:

The Stubble itself has not changed at all, but I rewrote the String Collector. As you will see, you are not able to find new EP strings from the tree, they are all in the "Unknown ID" category. While you can use them from there, the String Collector picks up the keys for the strings while you are playing and after that you can feed them to Stubble and it shows them properly. Previously String Collector was integrated in Stubble, but now it is a separate mod that you can find in the download zip.

Instructions for Collecting String Keys:
Remember to remove the collector mod from your mods folder when you are ready.  It will slow down your gameplay and as it collects string keys into the memory the memory may get full if you play long enough (and getting memory full will crash your game). I have not tried this in real gameplay, I just collected strings for couple of minutes. Please tell me if it is useless  :)
You can copy the new strings at the end of the old userSTBL.txt if you have already collected strings.

Tiger used to let people to mail him the string key files so that the strings eventually got into Stubble. I cannot do that right now, but I hope you will keep the string key files stored - I will find a way to collect your keyfiles into Stubble later on.

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