.dbc mod merging support thread. by Anach

***Please note that support for s3pe package merging has now moved to http://tassyp2p.optikal.net/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=5298 - Inge***

Please keep your questions and bug reports relating to the mod merging feature of s3pe to this thread.

Merging multiple .package mods into a limited number of larger packages will considerably improve game performance and reduce load times, as well as fix some unreadable .packages (extracted and edited TSR .packages) and help to reduce conflicting and duplicate resources.

A quick step-by-step guide:

1. Get latest test version of s3pe

2. Sorted your .package files into categories that suit your method of organisation. This is what you should used for the basis of creating separate .package archives (for me it worked out to 6 total merged packages - Buy, Build, CAS, Clothing, Patterns, Tweaks.)

3. Open up s3pe, selected File>New.

4. From the "resource" menu of s3pe and go to "Import" then select the "as .dbc..." option. This will bring up a window to allow you to locate and choose your files from your previously setup categories.

5. Once you have located your packages to be merged; Hit CTRL+A to select all the .package files in the import dialogue box.

6. You will be presented with an option to "Auto-save current package after each packages imported?". If you have a large amount of packages (over 50Mb) or limited RAM, then you MUST select yes to this option as it will keep you from running out of system memory during import, which will result in an error during import or save.

7. Once the import is complete, hit CTRL+S to save the final merged .package.

8. Place the freshly merged .package into your The Sims 3/Mods/packages folder.

Additional notes and troubleshooting

Many thanks to Peter and Inge for the mod merging feature which made this process a whole lot easier and safer.

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